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8 Family Gratitude Projects

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Calling all gratitude journal dropouts! If you’ve ever started writing in a gratitude journal… only to give up after a few weeks or months, I want you to know that you’re not alone. I’ve abandoned more journals than I care to admit. I always start with good intentions to count

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Family Activity: How to Throw an Iron Chef Cooking Party

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Coming up with the perfect family activity can be as simple as replicating your favorite TV show. Take Iron Chef, for example.
My family recently vacationed at a resort where this was one of the activities… they offered as a spin off of the TV show. Our family had a

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Costa Rica: How to Travel Cheap in Costa Rica With Your Family

travelinternational travel

Costa Rica is filled with amazing adventures but it can get a bit pricey. After a lot of researching and experiencing myself what it is like to travel… in Costa Rica, I found a way to save and still have a great time. You don’t have to spend a

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Holiday Traditions: 5 Family Friendly Activities for Valentine’s Day

family funfamily fun-traditions

Valentine’s Day is the perfect opportunity to create memorable fun activities for your family. We spend so much time working, as well as going from one activity or practice to another. It seems like so many things occupy our time, but it’s important to find time to reconnect with those …

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Activities and Entertainment: 5 Family Friendly Games for Kinect for Xbox 360

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Wondering what video games are best for your family? How to find fun games for both your eight year-old and your 18 year-old? How can you sort through all the information and ads out there to find out what games are most appropriate? Tweeters at a MomItForward Girls’ Night Out…

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Outdoor Activity: PBS KIDS Dinosaur Train Geocaching Challenge


Outdoor Activity—Recently, my boys and I had the opportunity to take the PBS Kids Dinosaur Train Geocaching Challenge. As you may or may not know, geocaching is a family-friendly outdoor adventure that blends technology, gaming… and environmental discovery. Participants use a GPS, smart phone, or other navigational techniques to

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Flower Gardens: The Perfect Family-Friendly Fall Activity

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Fall Activities—Whether you live near botanical gardens, flower gardens, large fields with wild flowers, or garden stores, taking your family to see the flowers this month is the perfect way to kick off fall. First the flowers, then the leaves, and then the pumpkins…. Thirsty for some apple

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evo Conference Goes Family Friendly With Elmo, Rolo McFlurries, and Hula Hooping

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evo Conference—If you think Elmo, Rolo McFlurries, and hula hooping are just for kids… think again! At evo’11—a conference for women in social media…—we took our family friendliness up many notches this year by having 7 family friendly sponsored suites, two family parties, day care,

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Golden, Colorado: The City That’s Worth Its Weight in Gold

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On Thursday, May 12th, over 50 women of Colorado Mom It Forward and Mile High Mama fame enjoyed an evening in historic Golden, CO. Once the Territorial Capital of Colorado… (1862-1867), Golden has evolved to become “Where The West IS!” Its award winning parks, charming Victorian-era architecture, fabulous

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