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Holiday Traditions: 5 Family Friendly Activities for Valentine’s Day

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Valentine’s Day is the perfect opportunity to create memorable fun activities for your family. We spend so much time working, as well as going from one activity or practice to another. It seems like so many things occupy our time, but it's important to find time to reconnect with those we love.  As adults we get caught up in the romance of Valentine’s Day. This year, spend Valentine’s with your children whether they are preschoolers, elementary age, tweens, or teens.

5 Ways to Bring Your Family Together on Valentine's Day

  1. Enjoy a Valentine's Day breakfast together. Heart-shaped pancakes with toppings like red, pink, or heart sprinkles, strawberries, powdered sugar, or whipped topping are sure to be a big hit. For the little ones, add strawberry syrup to their milk. Who knows, the older kids might enjoy it too!
  2. Make Valentine's Day cookies. Kids love to help in the kitchen! Get out the heart-shaped cookie cutter, as well as the cookie dough, sprinkles, and icing. Get the family around the kitchen counter, bar, or table and make cookies that everyone can enjoy.
  3. Have a Valentine's Day scavenger hunt. Hide hearts around the house inside and out (weather permitting) with clues to get to the next hearts leading to a Valentine's Day surprise. Work together as a family or as teams for larger families.
  4. Make homemade Valentine's Day cards for a local nursing home or assisted living home. This family activity takes a little prep work but is definitely worth it. Call a nearby nursing home a few days in advance to get permission to hand out the cards and the number of people living there. Some homes can be rather large so you may want to visit a hall or wing. Dedicate a night or two before Valentine’s Day to make homemade cards with sweet messages inside. Deliver the cards to the nursing or assisted living home on Valentine’s Day as a family.
  5. Eat out at a special restaurant (older kids might enjoy this). If a fancy meal out is not in your budget, create the atmosphere at home. Decorate with inexpensive candles from the dollar store. Place pink and red paper hearts throughout the dining area. Add candy conversations hearts as confetti on the table. You can usually find themed plates and napkins at the dollar store as well. It is possible to cook a nice meal for a fraction of the cost of eating out so choose a family favorite. After the family meal, surprise everyone with a special Valentine's Day dessert like chocolate dipped strawberries, pineapples, and marshmallows.

What fun ways will you be spending time with your family this Valentine’s Day?

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Robin Greene is a mom of two teenagers and a kindergarten teacher. Robin enjoys spending time as a family as she is anticipating her oldest going away to college in a few years. She enjoys participating in church activities and freelance writing for With Spring just around the corner make sure your little one has some beautiful baby clothes, sweet baby headbands and stylish baby hats in their wardrobe.

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7 responses to “Holiday Traditions: 5 Family Friendly Activities for Valentine’s Day”

  1. Great ideas! I like making Valentine’s Day cards for a local nursing home. That’s such a nice idea and reinforces the message to kids to we need to make others feel special.

    We do little things on Valentine’s Day that say “I Love You.” I’ll knock something off my husband’s to-do list, cut my daughter’s sandwich into a heart shape, or we’ll surprise the kids at school and take them out to lunch. We may even make a romantic dinner where the kids help cook and serve Mom and Dad as waiters.

    It’s all fun.

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