Cooking Chat: Let’s Talk Cookies

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There is nothing better than coming home and smelling cookies baking in the oven. If someone asked me what my favorite cookie was, I would have a difficult time finding just one. There are so many different flavors, shapes and kinds. Some of my favorites are chocolate chip…, peanut

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Jumping: The Conduit to Connection, Perspective, and Spontaneity

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Living Life—Two things make me really happy: being spontaneous and connecting with other people. Jumping is a conduit to both.
A little over 2 years ago, I saw an awesome commercial by Famous Footwear… in which a girl jumped into a pool with all of her clothes on. She

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Visionary: 3 Steps to Living a Great Life

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What’s your legacy? Ask anyone the same question, and you’ll get different answers, depending on what’s important to them. Maybe it’s giving back, or teaching your kids to do the same. Maybe it’s finding unique ways to learn, grow, and bond together as a family….

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