Visionary: 3 Steps to Living a Great Life

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Woman in a field What's your legacy? Ask anyone the same question, and you'll get different answers, depending on what's important to them. Maybe it's giving back, or teaching your kids to do the same. Maybe it's finding unique ways to learn, grow, and bond together as a family. Or maybe you want to live an adventurous, rich life and experience the world.

I recently ran a 5k with my 8 year-old son, because one of my legacy goals is to continually find connection points between us as they grow. The day was hot and the race was hard but when I wanted to quit, I saw his little legs racing ahead of me in the crowd and it was a joyful reminder to finish strong.  What I realized is that it takes patience and commitment to finish strong. And whether it's writing a book, setting aside your own desires, or running a race, sometimes finishing strong involves a lot of discipline.

Part of the legacy I envision is being active with my kids throughout every stage of their lives. I started running when my first child was born with the idea that one day we would run together. Then, I reasoned, when they're in college, we could meet up in Colorado, Utah, or some other fabulous destination and run a race together once a year. How will you extend the bond that you have with your children?

Legacy means that you intentionally build bridges. Joyce Meyers once said that the woman is "the thermometer in the home." The woman sets the temperature, and the mood, when the kids walk in the door after school. What's the temperature like in your home?

Delane Hulen, the CEO of Acuitus International, a global security and executive development firm, says that their main goal is to help leaders find their vision. Acuitus means "to sharpen" in Latin. Interesting that a CEO has the same role in creating a legacy within his organization as we do as moms, creating a legacy within our families. That's your role. To guide, provide leadership, and help your kids establish a vision for their lives. Every moment, we are given the opportunity to sharpen, and be sharpened.

3 Steps You Can Take to Live and Leave a Great Legacy

  • Step 1: Set a vision in the area of faith, family, and finances. Look at your life as a whole, and write down a five year goal in each area.
  • Step 2: Make a radical change. Think differently. What is it you'd like to change about your life today? One mother I know quit her high paying engineering job after one coaching session, because she was absolutely certain her legacy included being a stay at home mom. My version of enhancing time with  my kids is including the kids in my business. They're small, but they can come to my speaking engagements, shoot video, (like the one here of me speaking) and help hand out books.
  • Step 3: Let go. Make a list of any thoughts, beliefs, friends, or habits that you think are holding you back. Let them go, in order to reach that new level. Carefully guard your heart and associations.
Legacy involves developing strong kids, and a strength in yourself that will allow you to grow, overcome obstacles and use your talents. And the only way to do that is to begin with your vision for what you'd like your life to be.
What steps do you take to live and leave a great legacy?
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Tammy Kling is a life coach, advocate for the homeless, and international author of 29 books including The Compass. Tammy is also the founderr of Write it Out, an organization that helps gang members, the homeless, and those living on the street write out their hopes & dreams via writers workshops, free journals and various other resources.

In addition to writing and coaching, Tammy is a mom of two boys, an avid trail and mountain runner, world traveler, blogger, and adventure travel writer.


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I'm a book author, homeschool mom of boys, mountain runner and advocate for the homeless. Founder of Write it Out, a homeless recovery program that teaches writers workshops to the homeless and gang members, in order to focus on using the power of words to restore, recover, and rehabilitate.


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