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Loving Hugs – Providing Stuffed Animals to Children Around the World

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One of the reasons I tend not to watch much of the news these days is that newscasts all seem to focus on negative or horrible stories. They rarely talk about the many good deeds that people are doing to make the world a better place. I love that Mom…

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Ashley Johnathan Clements: UN Worker in Myanmar

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Want to make a difference while working towards a dream of photography? Take note from Ashley Jonathan Clements who has been doing just that in eastern Kachin state and showing the world through her blog….
This past February, Clements was a part of a convoy in eastern Kachin with

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Helping the Homeless: Serve Your Community With Love and Time

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Do you know how to help the homeless in your community? A friend emailed me today about a World Hunger initiative she’s working on lately. I love to hear how people are getting involved in global and community issues, as well as finding a way to give back.


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Utah Food Drive: Donate Non-Perishable Items to Your Local Fresh Market

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Donate—Growing up, my mom did a terrific job of ensuring we ate dinner together as a family every night. Monday through Thursday nights, we had simple meals. Fridays was always pizza. Saturdays were simple. And Sundays were nothing short of a feast.
We created lots of family memories …

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Community: 5 Ways to Help Those Facing Hunger This Season

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Community—Fall ushers in a season that is sure to be full of wonderful sights, smells, and sounds for most—colorful leaves, apples, pumpkin, children giggling as they count their Halloween candy, and families reuniting over turkey and sweet potatoes on Thanksgiving.

But for some people facing hunger this year, unfortunately,

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Poverty: Rachel Fox is ONE Mom Making a Difference For Many

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Making a Difference—The story of how Rachel Fox became a Mom Making a Difference begins a little over a year ago. She was a stay-at-home mother with three kids. She had a thirst for knowledge and strong feelings about problems in the world…. Her kids were getting old

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A Purple Door Stands Out Between Despair and Poverty in Kenya

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Empowerment—I often hear people reference the quote, “When life gives you lemons, make lemonade.” But what happens if there is no water or if the sugar runs out?

As westerners, many people travel to developing countries… with the notion of “saving” people from their struggles—providing them with the water

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Baby Care: Diapers on Every Little Bottom Is the Goal

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Baby Care—Have you ever found yourself, when you had babies or toddlers, without diapers…? Have you ever had that feeling of desperation? That is a feeling that 1 in 3 American parents and 1 in 5 Canadian parents in poverty feel on a regular basis, according to a

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The Girl Effect: Helping to Change the Lives of Adolescent Girls

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“If there is a time to act in the fight against poverty, it’s when a girl stands at the crossroads of adolescence… – yet today less than half a cent of every dollar spent on international assistance programs is invested directly in girls,” said Maria Eitel, president of the

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Making a Difference—At the beginning of this year, asked me to sit on its ONE moms advisory council. Having been a long time supporter, I immediately said yes!

For those unfamiliar with the organization:

ONE is a grassroots advocacy and campaigning organization that fights extreme poverty and preventable

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