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Utah Food Drive: Donate Non-Perishable Items to Your Local Fresh Market

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Donate—Growing up, my mom did a terrific job of ensuring we ate dinner together as a family every night. Monday through Thursday nights, we had simple meals. Fridays was always pizza. Saturdays were simple. And Sundays were nothing short of a feast.
We created lots of family memories in our home, especially at mealtime.
So, I was thrilled when Libby's reached out and asked for my participation in their Get Back to the Table program.
Libby’s believes the table is the heart of the home. Unfortunately, many families are struggling to put food on the table. To help families around the US, Libby’s is partnering with local Habitat for Humanity chapters to give families a place to enjoy a meal together and everything they need to make it happen.
What's awesome is that Habitat for Humanity Salt Lake City will complete 3 new/refurbished homes for less fortunate families this year.
To help these families get back to the table, Libby’s will provide each of the families that move into these homes with:
  • A pantry stocked with Libby’s products to make simple, easy meals for the family
  • A dining table for 6 to have a place to enjoy a meal together
  • Place settings for at least 6 family members

3 Ways to Help Salt Lake City Families Make Mealtime Memories

Here's three ways you can make a difference and better your community by helping Salt Lake City families:

1. Stop by your local Fresh Market between now and this Saturday, October 22 and donate non-perishable items.

2. In #Utah? Join @LibbysTable through 10/22 in donating nonperishable food 2 ur local Fresh Market 4 @Habitat_Org LINK2YOURPOSTSURLHERE PLS RT

3. Promote the food drive on your Facebook page.

What was mealtime like for you growing up? What meals did you eat? What are your favorite mealtime memories? What mealtime traditions are you continuing with your own family?

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