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eBook: 180 Summer Activities

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Looking for some fun activities to do this summer? We have you covered. In the 180 Summer Activities eBook, you will be inspired by all the fun ways you can connect with your family and keep boredom at bay. Whether its going on a bike ride, making cookies, or going

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Kids Craft: How to Make a Telescope

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Have you ever wanted to travel to the moon or see the stars up close? Now you can with a homemade telescope. Purchasing a telescope can be costly. Create this fun telescope make out of black craft paper and save money. How to Make a Telescope

Materials Needed

  • Light weight 

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Summer Activities: Four Square Game

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Summer is a great time to get outdoors and play ball. Four square is a perfect game to play outdoors and to help you get some exercise. The only things you need to play the game is a rubber ball, a patch of cement, four friends and some…

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Kids Summer Activities: Creating a Plan for Summer Fun

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Summer is upon us! School is letting out all across North America this month. You know what? Summer can also slip away fast and you can end up at the end of the summer wondering "What did we do?" "What school starts next week?" "Didn't we want to go here

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RSVP for Tuesday Twitter Party: Family Travel With PBS Kids

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As a parent, family travel can be both exhilarating and frightening in the same breath! It's awesome to think about all the new experiences and memories you'll be providing your kids with, but then there's the packing, the expenses, the actual travel itself (ARE WE THERE YET?!), and soon you're…

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