Technology: How to Find a New Car for Your Family

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The best way to choose a new car is to test-drive it. A test-drive helps you get a feel for how the car handles and whether you are comfortable driving in that particular make and model. You have many choices and knowing about the new safety features can help you decide which car to purchase.

Vehicle safety is a top consideration for many buyers. Which is why automakers are constantly striving to make vehicles safer on the roads. Technological advances on car safety issues have greatly improved over the past decade. New safety measures have been developed to prevent accidents; advanced systems use computers to make split-second decisions for drivers when it senses an impending accident is likely. These advanced systems are available on select automobile models. Ask the sales representative about safety features available on the new vehicle you would like to purchase.

Top 3 Safety Features in New Cars

Here are a few points to consider when choosing the right car for your family:

Accident Notification Systems

The familiar OnStar accident notification feature is found in many vehicles but OnStar has some competition. More automakers are choosing to use versions that are similar but manufactured by other companies. The system is activated when a car or big rig accident occurs and the GPS tracking system finds the vehicle location while sending a signal back to the manufacturer. The manufacturer notifies emergency personnel and gives the location of the accident.

Preventing Rollover

Many vehicles are equipped with stability sensors and when the sensor detects instability, computers will apply the brakes and the vehicle will slow down. These sensors are popular on Sports Utility Vehicles because stability issues are more prevalent in SUVs. Several SUV automakers are making this feature a standard option. Since SUVs are one of America's preferred vehicles, rollover prevention is a welcome safety feature.

Automatic Collision Warning

This system is operated by lasers on the vehicle's bumper and sound an audible tone to warn a driver if their vehicle comes too close to another vehicle. If the driver doesn't respond the computer system will take over and slow the vehicle down. On select luxury models, if the driver doesn't respond the technology goes a step further and will prepare the vehicle for a crash by adjusting the seats and rolling up the windows.

Shopping for a new car armed with safety knowledge will help you choose a vehicle to meet your needs. You can also find safety information online or visit your local dealership to get more info on select vehicles. You can check these guys out for new car options.

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 What things do you look for when buying a new car?

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