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When you really want to chop and slice and dice in large amounts and seriously create a food processing masterpiece... having only a tiny 2 cup food processor is not cutting the cheese in my new house, new kitchen, new recipes. I've been making due with a small food processor for over 10 years, and I'm so ready to UPGRADE.

I recently purchased a beautiful 9 cup Cuisinart Food Processor from Tell me this thing doesn't look pretty standing on it's own? Now imagine making amazing desserts and pie crusts and guacamole with this grown up processor!

I recently moved into a new house. In fact I'm still trying to figure out which switch turns on WHAT!? My kitchen is amazing and I'm super excited to try out the new gadget on our family's favorite recipes. And sneak in a few new recipes while they aren't looking!

However there are some things about the house we are less than thrilled with... like the lack of lighting in our living room. There is no space for a regular light and track lighting is the option we are heading for. We're sort of living in the kitchen until we can find the right lighting. Instead, we're making comfort foods and enjoying baking lessons as a family.

Favorite Food Processor Features

  • Large enough to handle a batch of my mother in law's sweet roll recipe.
  • Quiet while operating, (this is not your ancient vacuum eardrum piercing sound). Seriously very quiet!
  • Clean up is snappy. Simply take apart, load in dishwasher, and voilá... clean.
  • Extra nifty parts. A large shredder for cheese and zucchini (remind me to share my mother's chocolate zucchini bread!), a 4mm slicer for cucumbers and onions, a dough blade and a regular chopping blade.
  • Stainless Steel good looks. Leaving this sweetheart out on the counter is a 'statement'!

How yummy are these new ideas for using a food processor to help make amazing dessert recipes and meals?

  • Make Pizza with your kids
    Call it make-your-own pizza night. With easy dough, the kiddos choose their own toppings and it's all good!
  • Black Bean Brownies with Stevia
    I love baking with Stevia, a natural sweetener. But how about making brownies with black beans? The food processor will do the hard work of pureeing the beans! See if your kids can tell your 'secret ingredient'?
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