#TheTroyandJylTrip Road Trip Across the United States

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Wouldn't you agree that it's amazing the things you learn on Twitter? News. Up-to-the-minute information on natural disasters. Celebrity gossip. Tips and techniques on how to improve your life. The information is immediate, quick, and endless.

One thing I never thought I'd learn via Twitter was the whereabouts of my husband. Let me give you a little background.

On Saturday, July 31, I flew out of Salt Lake City to New York while Troy drove from there to the Colorado rockies to drop our two boys off at Sanborn Camps for their first sleep away camp experience. Two short days later, I learned via Twitter that Troy was in Missouri. What?

@troypattee and I are in a little friendly competition to see who can visit all 50 US states first. We have been neck and neck for years. Apparently, when he got to Colorado, he thought of all the states he could check off his list by road tripping and just kept driving, zig zagging his way cross country. Missouri? Check! Arkansas? Check! Mississippi? Check! Him in the lead of our friendly competition? A great big check!

When I learned he was in Mississippi, I told him he may as well come and pick me up in New York since he was more than half way there. Of course, I had ulterior motives, wanting to also cross a few states off my list. Why not kill two birds with one stone? Bird one: Second honeymoon, traveling cross country sans kids. Bird two: Check off states as we go. Let the fun begin!

We start the official #TheTroyandJylTrip today (thanks to our amazing sponsor, Alice.com) as we head out of Greenwich, Connecticut for Maine. The picture above shows our route, including night stays in the following places and all the cities in between:

  • York Harbor, Maine
  • Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
  • St. Louis, Missouri
  • Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
  • Colorado Springs, Colorado

I will pick up three additional states: Indiana, Kansas, and Oklahoma, which will tie us in our race to visit the 50 states. What's more fun is my blogging friends I'm visiting along the way: Kim Orlando in Connecticut, Danielle Smith in St. Louis, Amy Belgardt in Oklahoma City, Aimee Giese and Gabrielle Blair in Colorado and hopefully many others.

Have you been on a road trip? Where? What are your favorite road trip memories?

Disclosure: My trip to and from BlogHer, including this road trip, has been made financially possible by the fine folks at Alice.com.
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An active part of the Mom It Forward team, Jyl primarily writes about parenting, social good, and all things travel related. In a past life, Jyl was an award-winning copywriter and designer of corporate training programs for Fortune 100 companies. Offline, Jyl is married to @TroyPattee; a mom to two teen boys and a beagle named #Hashtag; loves large amounts of cheese, dancing, and traveling; and lives in the beautiful Rocky Mountains. Topping her bucket list is the goal to visit 50 countries by the time she's 50.


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