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Hi, I would like to show you how to recycle old clothing and make them new and reusable. I love to recycle things and use them to create new things. It's good for our environment as well as thrifty on our budget. So here is an environmentally friendly  refashion using a t shirt to create a pair of shorts and an applique for a new outfit.

This outfit is perfect for summer and playing outside!
I used a tshirt from my oldest that no longer fit her but was way to big for the little one. I loved the fabric and wanted to use it to make something new. It had the cutest little apples design on it.

The shorts

I took a pair of shorts that fit and turned them inside out. From there I traced them on the lower part of the shirt using the shirt's hem as the bottom of the shorts. There should also be two layers so fold the shirt in half. The side of the shorts should be on the fold not the way it is pictured.

You should have two legs. There needs to be two layers.

They should look similar to this when un folded.

Lay the two pieces with their tops touching. and sew along the sides. I did a double stitch for support. Stop right at the end of the curve.

Open then up and you should have a v shape that is open at the bottom.

Sew across the V.


Fold the top down and pin. I couldn't find my pins but pinning would make things so much easier.

Sew around leaving an opening for the elastic.

Using a saftey pin in the end of the elastic as shown.

Feed the pin and elastic through the casing you created.


Sew the elastic together and sew your casing closed. You now have a new pair of shorts! Great WORK!

The Top

For the top. I used a top she already had that was just a blank tshirt.

I cut out my design. Since the fabric was little apples, I decided to do a apple tree. I did free hand this but you could trace it from an image you want to use.

Then just simply sew a zig zag stitch around your applique.  Start with the bottom layer and work up. tada you have a brand new shirt! A tip for corners would be to stop, lift your foot with the needle down and then turn.

The Accessory

I made a hair bow out of the left over fabrics. I just twisted a strip and then rolled it into a rose. For a better tutorial on this one you can read a past tutorial I did here.

Thank You From Becka!!

What are your favorite sewing projects?

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