Valentine’s Day Placemats


We just put away our Christmas decorations, and now Valentine's Day is around the corner! How does that happen?! We aren't huge into Valentine's Day at our house, but it's nice to make the day feel a little special. I always let Kate pick out Valentine's Day cards for all the kids in her class, and I sit with her while she writes her name on the cards.

DIY Valentines Day Placemats Kids Can Make

This year I thought we'd make our Valentine's Day at home a little special. I'm not the best with Pinterest-inspired crafts. But I figured I could come up with something fun that wouldn't take a million hours or land me with mountains of glitter to clean up. This year I decided to have Kate make Valentine's place mats for herself and her brother to have their own Valentine's party. Per usual, I wanted this to be something Kate could do herself and take ownership of the project. I picked up some kid-friendly art supplies at our local craft store and let her go to town.

DIY Valentines Placemats for kids to make themselves

Supplies for Your Valentine's Day Place Mats

  • Colored Cardstock. I went with a glittery red paper. But you could go with pink, white, or a Valentine's Day printed card stock. I saw lots of options with hearts, etc...
  • Stickers. I picked up two pads of Valentine's Day themed stickers.
  • Valentine's Day themed stamp. I found a heart stamp.
  • Stamp pad.
  • Markers, colored pencils, and/or crayons.

Family DIY Valentine's Day Placemats

How to Make Your Valentine's Day Place Mats

  1. Set out all your supplies.
  2. Talk through with your child how she/he would like to design the place mats. I asked Kate if she wanted to write her name and her brother's name at the top or bottom of each place mat before she began.
  3. Go to town decorating!
  4. If you have access to a laminating  machine, you could laminate your place mats. I don't, so I didn't worry about it.

These could not be easier and looked so cute and festive! We set them out for breakfast on Valentine's Day and talked about what we loved most about each other.

Do you have special Valentine's Day traditions with your kids?

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