Halloween Table Setting: DIY Glass-Etched Jack O’Lantern Plate


Kids and adults alike love it when the everyday is made special in a fun way. That's what this Halloween table setting craft is all about - a simple way to turn an ordinary dinner into a fun event with a Jack O'Lantern glass-etched plate DIY! You might still be serving chicken nuggets and apple sauce, but it will feel like so much more to your kiddos!

Halloween Place Setting on Mom it Forward - DIY Glass-Etched Jack O'Lantern Plate

Even better - these plates are super inexpensive, and very fast to make!

Supplies to Make a Halloween Jack O'Lantern Plate

  • Glass plates ($2 at Target)
  • Rubbing Alcohol
  • Paper Towels
  • Glass Etching Cream (about $20, and you'll have lots left over)
  • Vinly Sheets
  • Craft Knife or Cutting Machine

Supplies for Halloween Table setting

Start by cutting out the vinyl in the shape of a Jack-o-lantern face.

Cut vinyl pumpkin face

Peel any labels off the bottom of the plate, and clean with rubbing alcohol to remove any fingerprints. Carefully apply the vinyl to the bottom of the plate. Use your fingernail around all the edges to make sure they are secure, and to remove any air bubbles or wrinkles.

Apply vinyl face to plate

Apply the etching cream as directed in the instructions that come with the cream. Try to make an even coat.

Apply etching cream to make a Jack O Lantern plate

Follow the instructions on the package - my etching cream only took 5 minutes. Then rinse away the etching cream.

It will look like nothing happened. Especially while the plate is still wet. But it works!

Rinse off etching cream for Jack O Lantern Plate

Peel up the vinyl. You can throw it away after using it.

Peel away vinyl for a Jack O Lantern plate

Your plate is done, and the design is absolutely permanent and dishwasher safe, because it is chemically etched into the glass. To get the most pop, set the plate on an orange placemat or table cloth. Maybe some monster napkin rings for flair. Add a Halloween centerpiece and you're good to go!

Put Halloween Jack O Lantern glass plate on placemat

Will you make a happy face or a scary face?

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