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You should see my living room right now! I've already sifted through most of my BlogHer'10 schwag, but shoved to one side of the room remains a large box full of items for babies and toddlers, a pile of eco-friendly bags in all shapes and sizes, toys and games my boys have been trying out, and items I'm saving to use as gifts.

I've seen lots of negative posts about social media conferences in regards to schwag. My take? I love schwag. Last year at BlogHer, I discovered the Bounce Dryer Bar, tested it out, and got rid of dryer sheets forever. At Blissdom, I enjoyed Kraft Bagel-fuls, which my kids now regularly enjoy for breakfast when I need to get them out the door in a hurry. And, at Mom 2.0, I learned that my love of pasta didn't end with linguini and spaghetti-type noodles after enjoying a fabulous lunch and dinner by Barrilla. Mmmmm!

Do you notice a theme here? I find that the schwag that delights me the most is typically delicious.

Top 10 Most Delicious Schwag

The 10 items I've received from social media conferences that, to me, are most delicious, include:

1. Quaker's True Delights Multigrain Fiber Crisps in Wild Blueberry Flavor. I got a couple of bags in my evo'10 Conference welcome bag and I've been buying and eating them ever since. The oatmeal bar they sponsored wasn't too shabby either! Mmmmm!

2. Dove's Fresh Revive Body Wash. I know! It's body wash! You may be wondering how soap qualifies as delicious. Well, it does when it comes in four amazing scents. My favorite? Pomegranate with lemon verbena (with deodorant to match, I might add). Mmmmm! Thanks to Unilever for hosting one of the most amazing, and wonderfully scented, parties at BlogHer'10 and for sending me home with a bottle of body wash.

3. Barrilla's pasta. I'm not gonna lie to you. I only learned how to like pasta a few years ago. And, I pretty much stick to the skinny stuff. You know, angel hair, spaghetti, linguini. But, not any more. The Barrilla-sponsored lunch and dinner at Mom 2.0 opened my eyes to how good pasta can be. Three cheese tortellini with two amazing sauces. I went back for 3rds. You heard me right! And I wasn't alone. That stuff was addictive!

4. Kraft Bagel-fuls. I love having simple, but healthy meals that are perfect for busy families on the go. My kids are big fans of toast and jam in the morning. But sometimes, it's much easier to throw a Bagel-ful in the microwave. It's also a lot less messy, especially on the odd days when the kids end up eating in the car as we rush to school. I loved discovering them for breakfast at Blissdom 2010.

5. Bounce Dryer Bars. I know! Another stretch in the delicious category, but seriously... have you tried a Bounce Dryer Bar? I about hugged the guy that introduced me to this at last year's BlogHer expo. I put it in my dryer right when I got home and we haven't used dryer sheets since. I hated finding the sheets in my clothes, so this is a delicious solution and works awesome!

6. 1-800-FLOWERS gift card. Social Luxe Lounge is a favorite BlogHer party of mine. Is it because, Allison, Jane, and Marie are a terrific trio of hostesses? Absolutely! But, it is also because they offer awesome schwag. Who doesn't want to send their friends flowers?

7. Sweet Tooth Fairy Cupcakes. If you haven't tried them, click here and order some. This gal knows a thing or two about cupcakes. The attendees of the evo'10 Conference enjoyed them twice: once at the PBS Kids Sweet Suite and again for dessert at the Bush's Beans Closing Party at the Park City Mountain Resort. They are ridiculously scrumptious!

8. Febreze air fresheners. What's more delicious than a scented room? Febreze treated me twice this summer—once at evo'10 Conference and again at BlogHer'10. My house smells glorious because of it!

9. Skull Candy head phones. I also got a double dose of head phones—first at evo'10 Conference and then again at the Social Luxe Lounge party. Talk about the sweetest kind of candy! I love their delicious designs.

10. Food! I know this, technically, isn't schwag, but I adore brands that in addition to giving you great gear, also provide you with fabulous food. There's nothing like connecting with friends over a little yumminess.

Who ranks up there on the most-awesome-party-food list? Hallmark with its to-die-for veggie tray; HP, which makes me say Mmmmm! just thinking about the dessert!; Lowe's: Cheese with honey anyone? I could have died and gone to heaven right then and there; Soy Joy and the brunch buffets of all brunch buffets; Unilever... and their amazing water, scented to match the scents of the body wash. Have you tried water with grapefruit? Delicious defined!; and last but not least, Nate Berkus... he alone is delicious, but I ate more than my fair share of finger food at his cocktail party. Mmmm! And this was just food from the offsite parties at BlogHer"10.

This list doesn't begin to touch on the delicious toys, games, other personal care products and food, etc. that I've been able to test and enjoy as a result of the many brands' generosity that make all of these events possible.

Are you heading to a social media conference this fall? Been to one recently? What schwag is most delicious to you?

Photo courtesy of Mom Spark.
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