Top 4 Disney Holiday Memories

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The holiday season is a time where magic floats through the air propelled by twinkling lights and Christmas carols. The magic of the holidays makes children stay up late waiting for a chance to peak at a red jacket as parents wrap presents with care.  There is no greater place filled with magic than the happiest place on Earth – Disneyland.


The Top 4 Disney Holiday Experiences

Candy Cane Dash

My eyes shift to the left and right, sizing up my competition as I position my hand to push the turnstile out of my way. The clock is ticking and I’ve got to beat a crowd of people for the ultimate prize. The signal is given and I burst through the entrance gate like Seabiscuit out of the starting gate. I have no idea where I am going but I follow the ambitious father of three girls who must be a marathon runner when he isn’t in the land of princesses and castles. My lungs are burning, as my legs threaten to quick but I can’t. Why? What could make a Disney enthusiast charge out of the gate? Two words - Candy canes.

There is a little secret that is whispered up and down Disneyland’s Mainstreet. A secret that even many of the most devout Disney loving adults may not know about. Every holiday season, Disneyland’s Candy Palace workers hand make Candy Canes. These candy canes are the top of the line holiday treats found in Disneyland— at least my friend’s mother says so. Where does the running come into play? Well, the Candy Palace only makes a certain number of candy canes and only on select days. In order to get one of these delicious treats, you have to “power-walked” or in the case of my little legs — spring. Powered by the pain in my lungs and my my mind saying that "You're crazy", I sang ‘hallelujah’ as the Disney Cast Member wrapped a wristband around my wrist.

CandyCane Collage

Now you may expect that such a Disney treat that requires a race worthy of Lightning McQueen would be filled with the Pixie Dust from Pixie Hollow. Alas that is not the case, but the alluring smell of freshly made candy canes follow by the melt-in-your-mouth heavenly taste of a freshly made candy cane – powerful enough to send you to the second star to the left.

Christmas Traditions Shopping

Families all have a list of traditions that make or break the holiday season. And like always, our favorite Disneyland Store —World of Disney— is always supporting and ensuring that every type of family memory possible at its many lands can be achieved. Top Christmas Shopping traditions made more powerful by the power of dreams and fantasies:

  • Christmas ornaments are a great way to track your family’s growth. Mom and Dad buying ‘Babies 1st Christmas’ Ornament and then every year after the child begins to add their yearly ornaments which illustrates their interests every year. Disneyland has ornaments from it’s classic characters, my favorite ones were the shoes of princesses and villains.

Ornament Collage

  • Christmas stockings of your favorite characters from Mickey and Goofy to Buzzlighter and Woody are timeless stockings that will always look great on your mantle/wall.
  • Most families give Christmas pajamas on Christmas Eve – pajamas that add to the building excitement of Christmas morning and the presents it will bring.

Shopping Collage

  • Nothing is more fun that counting down to the most magical day of the year – December 25th. Disneyland offers you a wide range of Christmas Countdown calendars perfect for families of all ages.

Christmas Take-Over

Disneyland rides and attractions are always full of magic but during the holiday season, a few of Disneyland’s most iconic rides take on a different kind of magic. The kind made of Christmas dreams and hopes, ribbon and presents, and the kidnapping of Sandy Claws.

  • Jingle Cruise (aka Jungle Cruise): Skippers decorating their home-away from home in colors of red and green as holiday music rings through the vines
  • It’s a Small World: While we love the iconic “It’s a Small World” song, the 300 dressed darlings sing “Jingle Bells” and “Deck the Halls” as they wish you a happy holiday season from the 7 continents. Pay special attention and you just might find Disney classic characters such as Cinderella, Ariel, and Mulan.
  • This is Halloween. This is Halloween.” a haunting melody that drifts through the French Quarter at Christmas time and my excitement bubbles over. Time for my favorite holiday themed ride – the Haunted Mansion Holiday in which Tim Burton’s Nightmare Before Christmas town and characters have taken over the mansion as they warp their take on holiday gifts.

Haunted Mansion Holiday

World of Color —Winter Dreams

Disney is well-known to put on a spectacular night show, shows that many people save places for their families beginning when it is still light. This show is featured in Disney’s California Adventure and you can purchase a Fastpass at the Grizzly River Run Fastpass hut. The Fastpass for this show works by reserving you a preferred viewing spot. This year, Winter Dreams features the loveable snowman Olaf as its host. Learn more about the show, here.

Disneyland is a magical place that outdoes itself every holiday season. Be sure to stop by for a candy cane, hot chocolate, and take in the sights as Disneyland awes and inspires Disney guests from age 1— 101.

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Sleeping Beauty Castle image courtesy of Flickr

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