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Florida is known for its beautiful beaches. My family and I recently traveled to Orlando, Florida and while we were there, we spent a few days visiting beaches along the Northern Atlantic Coast. We kicked off our flip flops, played in the water, and made sand castles. When in Rome, right? There are many beaches to choose from, but I chose my top 4 for this list.


Top 4 Beaches in Northern Florida

Flagler Beach

Flagler Beach is located between Daytona Beach and St. Augustine Beach. It offers 6 miles of sandy beaches, waterfront restaurants, and beach-side shops. The beach is not overcrowded, and you instantly feel right home once you put your feet in the sand.


Flagler Beach has a beautiful fishing pier.


The restaurants on the water are open to the beach and often feature local musicians. One fun restaurant had a huge chalkboard that covered the entire front of the building. The kids had fun drawing pictures and leaving their mark before we left.

St. Augustine Beach

This beach is stunning and covers 42 pristine miles of sand-covered beach. It is the perfect spot to throw a Frisbee or football, play in the sand, and ride the waves. 


St Augustine Beach also has a stunning pier. I couldn't get enough pictures of the weathered support posts and waves crashing the shore.


While visiting St. Augustine we saw the local Search and Rescue teams practicing in the water. They practiced their rescue techniques for hours, and their strength and endurance was impressive. One fact about this beach is that rare Northern right whales come here to give birth every winter.

Daytona Beach

Daytona Beach is one of Florida's most well-known beaches. It is known for race cars and the Daytona Beach Pier. The pier is a historic attraction that recently reopened after a $5 million restoration. Nearby are the roller coaster, Ferris wheel, and the Boardwalk Amusement Park.  


We really enjoyed relaxing on the beach and digging in the soft sand.


I loved how you could drive your car along the beach in Daytona and park anywhere you wanted. My oldest son made a sand alligator to leave behind on the beach. It was bigger than he was.

Palm Coast Beach

Perched between St. Augustine and Daytona Beach is Palm Coast Beach. The city of Palm Coast offers a perfect mix of golf resorts and lush nature preserves. Its marshlands and estuaries harbor rare and endangered birds along Florida's Great Birding Trail. 


We enjoyed walking on the water collecting sea shells on this beach. The sand had orange-colored coquina shell mixed in, which creates beautiful orange sand. The waves were perfect to learn how to boogie board.


The beach wasn't particularly crowded the day we went, so our whole family soaked in the sun and enjoyed an afternoon nap.

 What are your favorite beaches?

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