Utah Tulip Festival: Color in the Middle of the Desert

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My husband and I have very different experiences with tulip festivals.

Troy lived in Holland before he met me. Holland! You know, that enchanting below-sea-level country vivacious and plentiful with flowers? During tulip festival there, from what I hear, color oozes in and out of the fields and the city for inhabitants and travelers alike to stop their busy lives and take stock of the beauty. Who wouldn't want to visit and see for themselves? Definitely me after hearing Troy talk.

Pink Tulips at Thanksgiving Point

After we got married, I almost got my chance to go to a tulip festival... just not in Holland.

Troy and I visited friends in Seattle, drove two hours north ready for a colorful adventure, and arrived to find one lone tulip in a sea of dirt fields. Apparently, the flowers had bloomed early and we didn't just miss the glorious majority, we missed all but the one wilted and barely standing survivor. I was beyond disappointed, but laughed it off, figuring that strengthened my argument to go to Holland.

But I didn't have to. You can only imagine my excitement when Thanksgiving Point, a local Utah organization, opened a world class flower garden complete with waterfalls, their rendition of the Secret Garden, rivers, and, yes!, an annual tulip festival only 10 minutes from my house.

I typically take my kids, but this year, I went with the Mom It Forward team (from left: Jen Tilley, Jill Greenlaw, me, and Cari Thompson with photo by Kathy Dalton).

 Mom It Forward Team at Thanksgiving Point garden

And fortunately, it never disappoints.

Here's some pictures I snapped while at the SNAP Conference (an awesome event geared to creative/design/DIY bloggers), held right during Thanksgiving Point's Tulip Festival (brilliant!).

You can see tulips in bunches of block colors...

Yellow Thanksgiving Point Tulips

...or top down, getting a peek inside...

Yellow and red tulip from the top at Thanksigiving Point

...or zoom in for a close up (photo by Jen Tilley)...

Tulips field at Thanksgiving Point

...and then back up to take in the full picture.

Thanksgiving Point Tulip Festival

However you view them, they won't disappoint.

Red and yellow tulips at Thanksgiving Point tulip festival

I wonder how they compare to Holland. Hmmmmm! Maybe I need to check out the differences for myself? LOL!

What are your favorite flowers? If you could have a big bouquet of flowers on your kitchen table right now, what would be included in it? What colors would they be?

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