Valentine’s Day Gift: Candy Cane Chocolate Heart Suckers

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Looking for cute Valentine's gift ideas for your kids, their teachers, or your neighbors? Still have mini candy canes left over from Christmas? Don't worry if you don't! Just run over to your local grocery store where they are sure to have Christmas seasonal items still on sale, stop by Joann's or another craft store for a few ingredients and supplies, and get ready to wow people all while giving them a cute and sweet treat as a Valentine's Day gift!

I am a big fan of quick and easy recipes and projects, but nothing makes me happier than simple projects that look as if you've spent all day slaving away in the kitchen. It keeps my neighbors who know me better on their toes LOL!

Candy Cane Chocolate Heart Succkers for Valentine's Day

Candy Cane Chocolate Heart Suckers

Ingredients and Supplies

To make these suckers, you'll need:

  • Candy melts of your choice. I prefer the vanilla and light or dark cocoa candy melts from Wilton.
  • Decorating bags. I prefer the disposable decorating bags from Wilton.
  • Sucker sticks in your choice of size. I prefer mine on the durable side.
  • Mini candy canes.
  • Wax paper.
  • (Optional) Cellophane bags. You can also use a glass jar or a sandwich bag.
  • (Optional) Ribbon. You can go big or small with your decor. I prefer simple!

Candy Cane Chocolate Heart Suckers Tutorial

Step 1. Get out your mini candy canes. Remove the plastic.

Step 2. Gather your supplies: candy melts and disposable decorating bags.

Step 3. Place the candy canes on a sheet covered with wax paper in heart shapes with a sucker stick placed in the center of the heart, extending downward. Pour the candy melts into the disposable frosting liner and melt in the microwave on high heat for 30 seconds. Then turn the bag over and repeat until melted. Roll over the top of the disposable liner with one hand while cutting the bottom of the liner with another.

Step 4. Squeeze the melted chocolate into the hollow area of the heart and over the sucker stick. Refrigerate for 2 hours.

How to Make Candy Cane Heart Suckers II

Once the chocolate has set, prepare the suckers to give out as gifts. Here are two options to consider:

Candy Cane Chocolate Suckers III

What sweet treats do you like to give and receive for Valentine's Day?

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