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Mom It Forward Community Partners With the Dairy Council of Utah and Nevada

giving back

Who doesn't enjoy milk with a chocolate chip cookie straight from the oven? Whether it's with your breakfast cereal or a grilled cheese with tomato soup, it seems almost everyone enjoys dairy goodness. And thanks to our local dairy council we enjoyed plenty of it!

farm tour with dairy council

Dairy Council of Utah and Nevada

Because we love dairy goodness, Mom It Forward is excited to partner with the Dairy Council of Utah and Nevada for a sponsored #DairyGood farm tour and cheese-making workshop. We couldn't wait to offer the Mom It Forward Blogger Network a chance to return to the simplicity of farm-fresh dairy and a chance to mingle with a calf or two.

mom it forward influencers at cheese making demo

As part of this campaign, Mom It Forward along with 20 social media influencers within the Mom It Forward Blogger Network enjoyed a Saturday afternoon learning about the life of a dairy farmer, enjoying the taste of farm crafted cheese, and a lesson in making mozzarella cheese at home.

This #DairyGood event took place at Canyon View Farmstead and its Heber Valley Artisan Cheese facility, both located in Midway, Utah.  Mom It Forward's social media influencers learned firsthand:

  • A newborn calf will begin walking 15-20 minutes after birth—we were even able to bottle feed a couple of one-week old calves.
  • The farmer's dairy cows have their own dietitian who teams up with the farmer to provide the cows with a special hay to keep the cows healthy, thus providing us with dairy goodness.
  • 98% of the farms in Utah are family owned. Families enjoy the farm lifestyle for its ability to teach the value of hard-work and the achievements that hard work brings.

In addition to the dairy farm tour, we were treated to a tour of Heber Valley Artisan Cheese which serves as the location where the farmer and his family take their fresh milk and make delicious #DairyGood products. After tasting farm fresh cheeses, there is no denying its delicious and memorable taste.

  • Did you know that it takes 18 months to age sharp cheddar cheese to its proper age for ideal taste?
  • Or that while aging cheese the artisan can expose it to certain foods to create a unique and flavorful cheese such as a Mojoti Lime Cheddar, Oreo Cheddar, and Maple Brown Sugar cheese which is perfect for breakfast.

Mom It Forward and their blogger community agree, Heber Valley Artisan Cheese creates delicious cheeses for every taste bud. And with Heber Valley Artisan Cheese's cheese-making kit, everyone can enjoy fresh mozzarella cheese.

If you want to check out the posts, tweets, Facebook updates, Instagram photos, etc., please be sure to follow the #DairyGood hashtag throughout this summer and see all the great reasons why everyone is enjoying dairy goodness.

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