Winter Blues : Simple Tips To Cope


Now that winter is in full swing, a lot of Moms are dealing with the winter blues. Being stuck inside can really take a toll on the emotional and physical health of moms and women everywhere. Tempers are short, sleep is disjointed, and unhealthy eating may be in full-force. Managing winter blues can be done with a few simple tips. The hardest part of having the winter blues is that people think that the condition is not real or is "all in a person's head". Trust me, it is not. It is something that can be treated. I am not a doctor and my tips for managing winter blues are just that, tips. You should always consult with your doctor if things do not improve.

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Managing Winter Blues: Tips For Moms To Cope

Here are a few tips to help you cope with the winter blues:

  • Accept that what you have is a very real condition. Do not let others make you feel that you are just having a rough patch.
  • If weather permits, get outside. Nothing helps with the winter blues like sunlight. If it's too cold or you have little ones, consider getting a natural sunlight lamp. The benefits are well worth the investment. I am a lover of sunlight, and during the winter it is especially hard for me.


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  • Make sure you are getting enough sleep. Managing winter blues is harder when you are sleep-deprived, and often make symptoms worse.
  • Here's a fun tip, eat some dark chocolate. The smell and taste will be relaxing. The added benefit is that it is mostly healthy, and will boost your mood at the same time.
  • Take up a hobby that is just for you! For me, it is reading. During the winter, I try to keep my reads to light, fluffy romance novels that are happy and upbeat. I have such a diverse reading list that anything will do.
  • Listen to some uplifting and upbeat music. I listen to praise and worship music when I am feeling low, and I try to bounce around and dance. It is like exercise, and it will help to lighten your mood.

These are just a few of the tips I have that makes managing winter blues a lot easier. Some may work for you, others will not. Remember that if you find yourself feeling depressed, you should see your doctor immediately. They can recommend some other suggestions to help you feel your best.

What tips do you have for managing winter blues?


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