18 Homemade Jewelry Gift Ideas for the Holidays


18 Homemade Jewelry Ideas for the Holidays

Raise your hand if you have Holidays on the mind. *Hand raised*  Raise your hand if you are frantically purchasing Holiday Gifts for everyone on your list. *Hand raised*  Raise your hand if your bank account is feeling the hurt. *Hand super raised*  Well today I am here to spread some Holiday cheer!

18 Homemade Jewelry Gift Ideas

I have rounded up some of the best DIY Jewelry tutorials out there that are perfect for a number of people on your Holiday list this year!  From rings to necklaces to bracelets, I have a little bit of something for every jewelry lover on your list.  And I promise it will not break the bank! Plus a homemade gift just seems so special, right?  I love getting them! However when looking for a beautiful chunky silver necklace, just check out this chunky sterling silver necklace for a wide selection of high-quality solid sterling silver necklaces. So go ahead and check out some of our favorites!

Homemade Jewelry Guide for the Holidays - DIY Necklaces You Can Make

Homemade Necklaces as Gifts

From statement pieces to BFF's (perfect for tweens), I have got a little of something for everyone that is just begging for a necklace this Christmas season!  And #5? I even made that one so you know it has got to be easy; and it cost less than $10!

1. Pearl Necklace

2. BFF Necklace

3. Silhouette Necklace

4. Eclectic Braided Necklace

5. Double Chain Necklace

Homemade Jewelry Guide for the Holidays - DIY Bracelets and Anklets

Homemade Bracelets and Anklets as Gifts

I want like every bracelet on this list (hint, hint)!  Seriously how do people come up with this stuff? I don't know, but thank heavens they do! From showstopping upcycled bracelets to a more dainty anklet, these simple DIY's are perfect for gift giving! Customize #6 with any charm to personalize the gift beautifully!

1. Utility Cord Bangle

2. Upcycled Leather Bracelet

3. Hemp Anklet

4. Mystery Braid Bracelet

5. Links and Colored RubberBands Bracelet

6. Sand Dollar Anklet

Homemade Jewelry Guide for the Holidays - DIY Earrings and Rings

Homemade Rings and Earrings as Gifts

From spoons, to feathers, to of course GLITTER!  These DIY's are guaranteed to put a smile on a few peoples faces on your Christmas list!  And while your at go ahead and make one for yourself too!

1. Gold Dipped Feather Earrings

2. Wire Bow Ring

3. Silver Dangle Earrings

4. Glitter Ring

5. Spider Earrings - Made using buttons, so easily substitute any dangle in this earring!

6. Spoon Ring

7. Ric Rack Rose Ring

Have you started shopping for Holidays yet?  Do you prefer store bought or homemade?

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