3 April Fool’s Day Pranks for Beginners


As a serial prankster you might think that April Fool's Day would be my favorite day of the year, but you’d be wrong. I can (and usually do) pull practical jokes every other day of the year, so on April 1st, I sit back and let everyone else have their fun. After all, the first rule of pulling pranks is that you must be willing to be pranked yourself.

If you’re new to this type of thing, I’ve listed and described below three classic gags which will be funny but shouldn’t get you into too much trouble. For your convenience, I’ve also included an Amusement Rating (1-10) and what I call a Vengeance Probability Score.

Should I Spray or Should I Go?

A common theme in many pranks is water, and this one involves lots of it! All you need is a rubber band and a sink sprayer (It's that thing next to the faucet. In the sink. It sprays). While the sprayer is in the off position—this part may seem obvious to you but if I had a nickel for every rookie who attempted this while the water is on, I’d have a lot of nickles—wrap the band around the lever of the sprayer so that it’s in the on position. Carefully arrange the angle and direction of the sprayer so that it matches the height and general vicinity of your intended victim.

Now go sit in the next room and wait. If you’re impatient, then ask a spouse or child to get you a glass of water. Hilarity ensues.

Amusement Rating: 9.5

Vengeance Probability: Fo sheezie, forizzle, fo shizzle

Midnight Smack

When someone who is sleeping peacefully is startled awake by a loud noise, it amounts to an ear-splitting smack in the face. This prank is already a classic, but I like to add in a little something extra to make it even better. First, find a loud battery-powered alarm clock. Anything sounds loud when you're blissfully sleeping, but the height your victim jumps is directly correlated to the level of loudness. Hide the alarm clock under a bed or in a closet and set it to go off in the middle of the night. Funny, right? But wait, there’s more.

To make this joke even funnier, I like to have a second clock hidden in the room as well. Ultimately it should be even louder than the first, and is set to go off about 30 minutes after the first (just about the time your victim is starting drift back to sleep). I also add another degree of difficulty on the second alarm by hiding it in a box. And then wrap the box with a virtually impenetrable triple layer of duct tape. Your victim will sleep with one eye open for the next three months!

Hilarity Rating: 9.0

Vengeance Probability: Guaranteed. Sure as a pickle.

Red in the Face

If you’re into blood and gore (and who isn’t, right?) then you’re going to love this prank. It involves everyone’s favorite childhood drink, Kool-Aid. Simply unscrew the shower head from your favorite shower, and then fill the cavity with red Kool-Aid mix (no sugar required!) before replacing the shower head to its original position.

When your target turns on the shower the next morning she’ll no longer need any coffee to help get her heart pumping. The adrenaline surge from this prank often lasts the entire morning!

Hilarity Rating: 8.5

Vengeance Probability: Without a doubt. Like ants at a picnic.

Ready, Set, Joke!

I hope this brief introduction to pulling pranks has been helpful, and I look forward to hearing your stories in the comments below. Just remember, there are really only three rules when it comes to practical jokes.

  1. If you pull a prank, expect to be pranked in return.
  2. Keep it fun, not mean; don’t always prank the same person.
  3. Never, ever, under any conditions, no matter what, should you prank your wife or person you share a bed with.
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