Ball Jar Craft: Three Decorative Ball Jars

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I found some really unique Ball jars at Walmart and just had to use them in a project. They are large jelly jars with an embossed diamond pattern that I am in love with! I ended up decorating them three different ways and using them for craft storage. Here is how to make your own.

Three diferent Ball jars

How to Make Craft Storage with Ball Jars


  • Ball jars
  • Glass markers from Deco-art
  • White craft paint
  • Washi tape


The first version I used glass markers from Deco-art. Glass markers will mark permanently on glass. You can actually bake it after you are done and make the paint dishwasher safe.

I just traced on the pattern that was already on these great jars. It was very easy and has a really cool effect.

For the next one, I grabbed some craft paint in white.

Pour some paint INSIDE of the jar and swirl to coat the entire inside.

This makes a really great effect, almost like a vintage milk glass. This one is my personal favorite because of the vintage look of the jar pattern with the white craft paint!

The next one is so super simple that I probably don't even have to explain. Washi tape is decorative tape and comes in a variety of patterns. It's perfect for adding a strip around the jar. A 30-second project that makes a big statement.

These jars reside in my craft area holding my collection of paint markers. Any of these three jars is a quick and easy project anyone can tackle. These jars can be used in a variety of areas of your home to organize or display. I hope you enjoy making them!

Do you use Ball jars in your home? Do you like them better for organization or decor?

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