3 Easy Ways to Achieve Your Fitness Goals in 2014


2014 is here and we have all been thinking about resolutions, goals, or changes that we want to change or do in the new year. If you haven't, it's time to do it! The number one resolution that people make is health and fitness goals. I never make the resolution to go on a diet—diet starts with D-I-E and that's exactly what I do when I am on one. I die for chocolate, pizza, and just a good ol' Mexican meal, plus plenty of other stuff I choose not to name.

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In 2014 my fitness resolution is to make healthier food choices and achieve fitness goals that I set each month. This is a resolution that I find easy to follow because I'm not telling myself I can't have anything, which usually makes me want it more. We all have busy lives and sometimes it's easier to grab a meal from the burger place on the way home, but just like with anything else, if you plan out your meals and workouts based on your schedule you will be able to reach your goals easily.

3 Ways to Achieve Your Fitness Goals

Here are three easy ideas to help you get started achieving your goals:

  • Plan Your Meals—Plan all your meals out based on what you have going on that week or month. There may be a time or two you have to eat out or just grab and go, but this helps you know what is needed for your healthy meals, and if you need to prep or cook ahead. Also, use your slow cooker; it will become your best friend!

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  • Track Your Meals, Steps, and Activities—There are many different devices and apps that can track all your meals, steps, and activities so you know what you have burned and what you have eaten. This is very important—you need to eat! Eat what you want but eat within your calorie limits for the day! This works wonders because you know what you have left in your daily limit. Also, never drink your calories, drink water! You can use apps like Fitness Pal or I use a Fit Bit flex bracelet to help me track!

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  • Workout!—Get moving! So you're eating healthier but not working out? That's not putting 100% into it. In order to lose weight, or if you're just making healthier choices in 2014, you need to get your body moving! There are so many ways you can workout and enjoy it. I prefer the free method and the flexible method! I love Zumba and I love YouTube! There are so many workouts on YouTube and they are free! Just save all of your favorites. You will start to see results and you never have to leave home or spend a penny, so no excuses!

By making these three simple changes in your life you will start to see results. This is the most successful way I have found to keep my resolution and still have my favorite foods. It's all about moderation and planning.

What are you doing to achieve your fitness goals?

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  1. Michele C. says:

    That is absolutely the trifecta. Plan it, track it, move it. Well said!!!

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