St. Patrick’s Day Rainbow Wreath


St. Patrick’s Day is not a holiday that gets as much attention as Valentine’s Day or Christmas. St. Patrick’s Day signifies Christianity in Ireland. It can be a fun holiday to celebrate with the kids. We are all looking for a reason to wear green, get crafty, and have some fun with shamrocks, rainbows, and gold coins, right? Here is a fun St Patrick's Day Rainbow Wreath you can make with the kids.

St Patrick's Day Wreath

St Patrick's Day Rainbow Wreath

I love having a wreath for each holiday on our door. Usually we make wreaths that are fun for the kids to go on their bathroom door, which is also the guest bathroom. This is always a fun crafty project that allows the kids to get creative and make a wreath that they love. We made a yarn candy corn wreath for Halloween this year and I thought it would be perfect to make a yarn rainbow wreath for St. Patrick’s day .  I let the kids choose some things from our “extras” drawer. (This is a drawer full of odds and ends that can be fun for crafts) My kids chose to add beads to wrap around the wreath. I did not have any shamrocks or any green foam like they wanted for shamrocks, so we decided to make our own large one to add to it!  I think it’s so important to let our kids show their creative side and decorate the house with things they have made.

St Patrick's Day Rainbow Wreath


  • Foam Ring ( I prefer to buy pipe covering at the local hardware store, it is cheaper then the foam rings, and you can just tape it)
  • Yarn
  • Any other things you want to add to your wreath to decorate it


  1. If you choose to use a pipe covering, tape the ends together to make a ring. You can also use a foam ring.
  2. Once taped, wrap the yarn around the ring and tie in a knot. Begin wrapping with the red yarn and continue to follow the colors of the rainbow; Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Purple, Pink. Continue wrapping yarn around the ring until completely covered.
  3. Add any additional add on’s to the wreath to decorate it to your style. *Make sure you add a hanger onto the wreath, we used the beads to make a hanger to hang our wreath, you can simply ribbon to it to make a hanger for the wreath.

Do you make your own holiday wreaths?

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