Earth Day Recycle Craft: Tin Can Wind Chimes

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Want a fun Earth Day craft to do with your kids? What a better way to teach them about Earth Day than how to recycle? Making tin can wind chimes can be fun and good for the environment.

First, be sure to choose three or four cans that vary in size. You will want the cans to be able to sequentially fit inside of each other. Then rinse them out and peel off the outside label. This may require hot water and a little scrubbing.

tin can wind chimes 1

Next, take a hammer and a nail and punch holes in the top of the cans. Make sure the hole is as centered as possible and to use a nail wide enough for a piece of yarn to fit through.

tin can wind chimes 2

Now, get out the paint brushes and acrylic paint! Your wind chimes will be outside, so acrylic paint will is perfect for this project because it is weather resistant and permanent.

tin can wind chimes 4

Then let your kids go to work! Feel free to make a tin can wind chime of your own! Once everyone is done decorating it takes at least 30 minutes for the paint to dry. Make sure all cans are dry before proceeding!

tin can wind chimes 5

Take a durable piece of yarn and thread it through the smallest can. If it is difficult to thread through, pull the yarn with tweezers through the hole so you can get a more secure grasp.

Before you thread the second can tie a large knot in the yarn. Make sure to measure it out so that when you thread the next can through there is the amount of space you want in between the cans (I overlapped around an inch).

tin can wind chimes 6

Continue to do this for as many cans as you prepared, and then hang your tin can wind chime from your porch or a tree!

tin can wind chimes 7


What are some of the other ways your family is celebrating Earth Day?

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