Craft: How to Make Beach Themed Candles for Your Patio

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If you're having a BBQ and you want to decorate your patio but you don't have a lot of time, this craft is perfect for you. You could even enlist the help of children who are old enough to use the glue gun. This project is all about the imperfection.

decorating with shells

How to Make Beach Themed Candles

I picked up all items, except the twine, from my local Dollar Tree. You may already have all the items, or items that will work.:


  • Candles—Any pillar candle will work. I used the ones in a glass jar. If you use a regular candle, place the twine low enough to prevent fire.
  • Twine—I grabbed the gigantic roll my husband keeps in the garage.
  • Shells
  • Rocks
  • Glue gun - Glue is very, very hot; don't get burned.
  • Silver platter—It's not real silver ... it's a cheap one from The Dollar Store.

beach theme decorating


  1. I took my twine and wrapped it around and around until it looked the way I wanted. I used the glue gun to glue the end down. (The beginning end is wrapped over to keep it in place.)
  2. I glued a sea shell over the twine.
  3. I placed my candles on the silver tray, then placed my rocks around it.
  4. DONE!

decorating with shells

This DIY project took me less than 15 min. This is one of those projects that looks great, but does't take a lot of time to complete. I was bragging to my husband how this was inspired by all the beach themed decor I see in the designer catalogs ... his response, "I'd pay $17.43." 🙂 He knows they look good, he just likes to tease me when I get tickled with myself creating a designer knock off.

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