3 Tips for Holiday Photographs


As a photographer I get a lot of questions about how to take great holiday family photographs. Here are some of my favorite tips to keep things looking good without a lot of stress for your Christmas holidays.

What to Wear in Holiday Photographs?

When planning a photo shoot, the most common question I receive from clients is “What should we wear?”

Kate Eschbach Photography - 3 Simple Tips for Brilliant Holiday Photographs Three simple words should help you a lot!

  • Layer
  • Comfort
  • Jewel Tones

Layers are very flattering in pictures! A simple cardigan or scarf can draw the eye up to your beautiful face. They add depth and texture to any photo! Be comfortable. If you are comfortable in your picture, it shines through! You can relax and interact with your family, which is the whole point of the photo shoot anyways, right?! And lastly – jewel tones. These look fabulous in pictures! Jewel tones are happy and flattering. If you aren’t sure what qualifies as a jewel tone, that’s ok! Just google it and you’ll find exactly what I am talking about.

Bottom line - there are lots of color combinations to wear for family photos, but staying comfy, relaxed, and in tones that flatter your skin tones, is key.

Kate Eschbach Photography - Jewel tones to flatter skin tones - 3 Simple tips for great holiday photos

Be the Subject of Your Photo

Props can be fun, but sometimes they can steal the point of the picture. This picture is about you! You are the beautiful shining star of this photo. Work closely with your photographer whenever you involve props. They can help you see how they are translating in the picture. A beautiful, vintage chair can be absolutely stunning, but if the color or pattern is too strong, it can take all the attention and steal the show. Likewise, keep an eye-pleasing background. You want any foliage in the background to be nice and not have branches sticking out of someone's head or awkwardly placed elements behind you.

Kate Eschbach Photography - 3 Simple Tips to Rock Your Family Photos

Let Your Little One be Comfortable

If your little one needs something in their hands to hold their attention or help them relax, that is OK! A small toy, car, or train, can bring a lot of comfort to little hands, which makes everyone relax! I bet in the photo above, you didn't even notice the little trains in his hands. I bet you noticed a very beautiful and loving and happy family!

What are your tips for your holiday photo shoots? I’d love to hear!

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