3 Ways to Fuel A Healthy Lifestyle

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We all want what is best for our kids. Weather it be a nice home in a good neighborhood, a solid ranking school, or a healthy meal; everything we do as parents revolves around giving our children a step up in life.


It has taken me four kids and 18 years of marriage to figure out what works best in my home. For us the top 3 ways that we fuel a healthy lifestyle are:

5 Family Night Ideas

  1. Play board games, each family member chooses their favorite game and you play one round of each game.
  2. Snuggle together under a blanket and read books or watch a movie.
  3. Create a fancy restaurant for dinner with candle light and soft music, it's a great way to teach good manners and see who can sit still the longest.
  4. Get out some coloring books, drawing paper, glue, tape, markers, crayons and if you are feeling brave some glitter and create art projects together!
  5. Bake cookies, everyone pitches in even if flour flies everywhere and there ends up being lots of sampling along the way!


5 Reasons to Eat Meals Together as Family

  1. People who have fewer distractions (such as TV or cell phones) during family meals are more satisfied with their lives.
  2. You will feel connected to the rest of the family. Go around the table and talk about your day. You might actually get to know each other.
  3. You will save money! It costs a lot to go out to dinner. So start saving for vacation and eat at home. (My family did not eat out for 4 months once and it paid for a family vacation to Disneyland!)
  4. 82% of parents feel closer to their kids and 72% of kids feel closer to their parents when they have dinner together. (Barilla White Papers)
  5. You know that you are getting a healthy meal when you know what is in it! Protein, nutrients, calcium. Are you getting everything you need when you hit up a drive through? No way.

5 Fun Activities

  1. Go to the park for a picnic and outdoor games.
  2. Take a family walk/hike on a Saturday or Sunday morning.
  3. Have a dance party, put on some music and gather your dress up clothes and dance to the beat!
  4. Play hide and seek, it's amazing all the great hiding places your home and yard has!
  5. Have each family member gather things from around the house, and build an obstacle course in the basement/garage/yard and then run through it.

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