5 Mistakes Unhappy Moms Make in the Bedroom


Intimacy is an important part of marriage. Yet, once kids enter the picture, sex can sometimes start to feel like a chore. It’s just one more thing on your to-do list—right up there with washing the sheets and packing school lunches.

Hey—I’ve been there. Sometimes I’m still there. When I’m under a tight work deadline, the last thing that’s on my mind is my husband’s naked body. Still, I make time for it. I do for many reasons. These include:

  • My husband does a lot of things for me that he isn’t necessarily in the mood to do, and he does them without complaint.
  • I have yet to regret getting myself into the bedroom.
  • Sex is good for my marriage, it’s good for my health, and it’s good for my peace of mind.

5 Things That Get in the Way of Intimacy

Still, knowing that it’s important doesn’t always ensure that it happens. And sometimes, it doesn’t happen because of one or more of the following 5 mistakes.

1. You are waiting for the mood to strike. You might have naturally felt in the mood when you were younger and more relaxed. As career stress and parenting obligations pile up, however, the mood may not naturally surface as often as it once did. If you wait for the mood to mysteriously develop, you might be waiting for the rest of your life. Just go to the bedroom and see what happens.

2. You’re occupied doing something else. And he’s watching TV while you do it. When you were younger, you led up to sex with a nice big fat juicy romantic date. If you are spending your evenings doing separate activities that do not remotely involve each other, no wonder you are not in the mood.

3. You’re keeping resentments to yourself. Whenever your spouse irritates you, it’s like anti-play. It’s a turn off. The only way to stop your spouse from practicing Anti-Play, however, is to clue him in. If you want him to wash the dishes, tell him. If you feel hurt when he talks to you in that condescending tone, tell him. If you want him to support you more, tell him.

4. You’re not making Getting in the Mood a priority. Get creative. Make “get mommy in the mood” a joint project. Have him investigate ways to do it. You investigate ways to do it. Try new activities. You just might find that a strip tease or bikini wax might get YOUR motor running.

5. You’re skimping on sleep. Most women need rest and relaxation in order to feel sexy. Be good to yourself. Get plenty of sleep. Exercise. Eat healthy and find ways to distress.

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