Who Starts a Diet/Exercise Program Right Before the Holidays?

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Exercise Fitness EarthFootwear Healthy Living Running Walking Think I'm crazy for diving in to an exercise regime right before the holidays? Don't get me wrong! I'm not giving up cheese. And, I will definitely have some of my MIL's sugar cookies. Daily life and my holidays wouldn't be the same without them.

But,  since I decided I'm done having kids, I've been dying to shed 20 pounds and no time like the present to make that happen. What a better way to start off the new year... healthier and in a better position to shop, right? LOL!

I'm not gonna lie! As much as I've been wanting to start exercising again, winning a pair of shoes gave me the perfect bit of motivation at just the right time. I had completely forgotten first and foremost that I even entered the giveaway. And second and most importantly, that the prize came with a "Change Your Body in 30 Days Challenge" from Earth Footwear led by Leah, @bookieboo on Twitter and the marvel behind #mamavation.

Burn Calories Fitness Healthy Living Dieting Exercise EarthFootwear So, in an effort to stick to the challenge, I am going public, admitting my exercising ways, and Whrrling about my progress (power of positive thinking, right?). Feel free to join me as I Whrrl my way skinny.... er, healthy!

I'd love to see your comments on my stories. I'd also love to have you join in the fun and get healthy with me. Just tag your Whrrl stories with #mamavation and #gno and let the weight-loss love fest begin. And, because every goal needs a prize (IMHO), let's set a date now to go virtual shopping in February as a #gno IRL! Are you in?

Here's my first Whrrl of a story!

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