5 Ways to Organize Your Day at the Pool

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Spending the day at the pool, lake, or local beach is a standard activity for many families during the summer. Having a pool day can be an easy, inexpensive way to entertain kids away from the TV or computer and allows everyone to get out and enjoy the gorgeous summer weather.

Kids at the Pool

How to Organize Your Day at the Pool

Successful pool days aren’t as simple as just loading everyone in the car and jumping into the water, though. There’s a lot to think about, from sun protection to lunchtime, and it can be easy to forget things! To stay stress-free this summer, use these five easy organizing tips before your day at the pool:

Keep a “To-Go” Pool Bag Packed and Ready

Instead of searching the house for towels, toys, and sunscreen each time you want to go to the pool, keep a pool bag packed and ready to go in your laundry room. Being prepared ahead of time will save you time and stress later on; plus it will minimize your chances of forgetting something important!

Store Water Bottles in the Freezer

If you’re spending all day in the sun, it’s crucial that you stay hydrated. Make sure you’re bringing water bottles to the pool or the beach to keep your bod at a healthful water level throughout the day. Warm water isn’t refreshing, so make sure you keep a supply of water bottles stashed in the refrigerator or freezer. Remember, if you freeze the bottles, to leave a couple of inches at the top so the bottle doesn't burst when the water freezes.

Bring Your Own Snacks

Don’t rely on the ice cream truck or vending machine for meals when you’re at the pool. Not only will costs add up fast, but these food options aren’t typically the healthiest either. Instead, pack a picnic lunch and plenty of snacks to keep everyone energized throughout the day. Invest in a cooler for pool days, along with small plastic bags for easy individual snacking.

Apply Sunscreen Ahead of Time

Many kids will be too excited to jump in the pool as soon as they get there to bother with anything else, which can make it difficult for parents to apply sunscreen thoroughly. Instead of trying to do so at the pool, put lotion on kids before you leave the house (if it's not too far away). Don’t forget to reapply throughout the day, however!

Bring Waterproof Bags

Throwing soaking wet goggles, bathing suits, and towels into your beach bag at the end of the day can have disastrous consequences for your electronics. To protect your camera, cell phone, and tablet from getting destroyed place electronics in waterproof plastic storage bags that will keep them safe from drips and splashes.

These simple ideas will help your next pool day run as smoothly as possible! Do you have other tips for getting organized this summer? If so, please share them below!

 What are your family pool memories as a family?

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