A Blogger’s Guide to Using Google Plus Effectively

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As a blogger, it's likely that sometime in the last few months you've begun considering getting serious about finding a guide to using your Google Plus profile effectively. You've heard the buzz and may have even started tinkering around in the space to see what all the hype was about. You may have tuned into our Google Plus Hangout on Air series, or even perused the posts we put together about maximizing the opportunities of this growing social platform.

You may have even heard the recent rumblings and predictions that Google Plus was on it's way out. Don't fret! Your efforts and focus on Google Plus, and the benefits you've seen as a result, haven't been for nothing. Now is a better time than ever for blogger's to be making the most and effectively implementing a powerful Google Plus strategy.


Google Plus' Chief Architect +Yonatan Zunger has gone on the record stating that Google Plus isn't going anywhere. Zunger ensured that the Google Plus team is keeping it's core community and will maintain it's goal to grow. Inevitably there will be an evolution, something that all loyal Google Plus users are accustom to, but the SEO benefits and increased visibility make it worth it. Plus, we're a scrappy bunch, aren't we? Even Google CEO +Larry Page is quoted as saying that they'll “continue working hard to build great new experiences for the ever increasing number of Google+ fans.”

In the midst of all the speculation, Mom It Forward was invited to SNAP!, a 3-day conference for socially savvy DIY, creative, and special occasion bloggers, where we were asked to present on Google Plus. Because we still feel there are oustanding benefits to bloggers using Google Plus to grow their audiences and communities, we're bringing an overview of the presentation we did with Angie of The Country Chic Cottage.

Here's a photo that we snapped just before our presentation!


We wanted to ensure you had all of our most current Google Plus resources, and the slides from our presentation, as well as the outstanding resources Angie has on her site. Spend some time in these spaces and you'll come to know Google Plus inside and out! Consider this a blogger's guide to using Google Plus effectively. Also, don't miss Angie's SNAP! review here!

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