Comfortable and Stylish Clothing: What to Wear When You Work at Home

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Work at Home—Getting up to go to the office each day requires some effort. You have to wash and fix your hair, apply makeup, and dress like the professional that you are. This is pretty standard for most nine-to-five jobs. But when you work at home, the level of effort required to look your best is understandably relaxed.

After all, nobody is going to know if you sit around in front of the computer in your pajamas all day. Well, nobody except you. And herein lies the problem. When you’re rolling out of bed at the crack of noon, wearing the same tired PJs day in and day out, and basically neglecting your looks (and possibly your hygiene), your self-esteem is going to plummet, and with it your work ethic and even your personal relationships. The way you look has a huge effect on how you feel and function.

For starters, you want to keep it simple. As a work-at-home mom, you don’t have a lot of time for primping and putting on fussy outfits. The best place to begin is by setting an early alarm and hopping in the shower. Nothing will start your day off right like an eye-opening shower, and you really need to try to wake up on a schedule (or risk rising later and later each day). So with these basics accounted for, you can begin to determine your level of effort on the looks front.

It’s really not necessary to spend an hour and a half on your hair and makeup (after all, the kids need to be fed and sent to school before you can start your day). Opt for a haircut that can air dry perfectly with a bit of shine serum or styling cream. Then discover the joys of a five-minute face. You’ll be surprised how much a tinted moisturizer, light blush, lipgloss, and a swipe of mascara can do to perk you up every day.

Now to your wardrobe; you’ll want to start with some basic activewear. It is a common misconception that this term applies exclusively to exercise clothing, and although most activewear can be used for the purposes of exercise, it also provides for a workable wardrobe that is both comfortable and fashionable for the woman on the go (with kids and a home-based business to manage, you definitely fall into this category). The beauty of activewear is that it is fitted, but not fussy. Soft, stretch fabrics conform to your body (unlike flannel pajamas or sweats) but they are still comfortable and easy to clean (no trips to the dry-cleaner). Hoodies, tees, thermals, leggings, and even cargo pants are considered activewear, so stock up on options that are both flattering and eminently comfortable.

Of course, you can always throw in some dark denim, a couple pairs of slacks, and a few nice tops for days when you’re meeting a client or having lunch with the girls. But the main point is to save the pajamas for sleeping and dress like you actually care about how you look during the day. This will not only help your relationship (no matter how supportive your partner is, nobody likes to see shapeless PJs all the time); it will also help you to feel good, which will no doubt improve every area of your life.

What is your favorite go-to outfit when you're working from home? What clothing makes you look stylish and feel comfortable?

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