5 Ways to Organize Your Laundry Room on a Budget


One of the rooms in our house that seems to catch clutter like no other, is the laundry room. Ours also serves as pantry run-over and is the transition room between the garage and the house so you can imagine how quickly it seems to pick up clutter unexpectedly. It can also get stinky if you don't manage your laundry room wisely. Here are some tips inspired by a Goodwill visit for decluttering and organizing the laundry room area.

  1. Eliminate Items That Don’t Belong - Laundry rooms can tend to become junk rooms if you aren’t careful. Go through carefully and either put away items that don’t belong in that room, or else donate them. "Everything in it's place" definitely applies here. Remember your donations to your local Goodwill benefit your community.
  2. Add Storage - Add shelves or cabinets around your washer and drier to hide your detergent and accessories out of site. You can find excellent storage solutions on the cheap at your local Goodwill. For example a high shelf with fabric storage boxes can be an excellent way to sort clothes according to the person who needs to put them away.  Laundry storage from Goodwill to help improve the organization in your house.
  3. Repurpose Items to Simplify Your Laundry Process - Small fold out tables or ironing boards can become the perfect place to fold laundry as it comes out of the drier. Or small plastic totes and bins can collect socks or other small clothing items for carrying to bedrooms to be put away. No more stacks of clothes on beds to get tossed and rumpled by your kids!
  4. Multi-Purpose Spaces - Add bookshelves or a pantry cupboard if you store seasonal items like canning supplies, extra canned goods, linens, cleaning supplies or household item overflow. Use bins in the cupboards to keep  like gathered with like or make things easier to grab in a pinch.
  5. Hang it Up! I’ve found extra hooks or closet rods for pennies at my local Goodwill. Being able to hang out-of-season coats and jackets, or hang my husband’s work clothes as they come right out of the drier, has made a huge difference in our family. It maximizes the unused wall space inside a cupboard and simplifies our laundry routine.

This is the perfect time of year to update and organize your laundry room. But don’t break your budget doing it. Find the perfect accessories and storage solutions at your local Goodwill store to maximize your budget and simplify your life.

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