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I have had the great pleasure of helping a wonderful neighbor of mine through a huge life transformation. He is 64, has Cerebral Palsy, and has lived across the street until last year.

After his 93 year-old mother passed away, Dan was thrust into a new world. The world of possibilities. He moved into a wonderful Senior Living Facility and is learning a new way of life. But unfortunately, a lot of his normal routine has changed and he does not have as much to do during the day. So Dan and I began a search for opportunities to volunteer.

There are limitless volunteer opportunities for seniors at every physical level. If you have someone in your life that needs a little something more to lift their spirits, here are just a few of many ideas that are out there. I am sure this will get your brain flowing.

Volunteer Opportunities for Seniors

RSVP (Retired and Senior Volunteer Program)

This program is a nationwide volunteer program for adults age 55 and over who are looking for ways to stay active while serving their community. RSVP is part of Senior Corps of the Corporation for National and Community Services. They can help direct you to opportunities in your area.

Local Schools, Libraries, and Community Centers

These places, usually undergoing budget cuts, are always looking for people to help out with different programs. From the basics of reading and math, to music and art, there are many ways to volunteer. Contact these organization's main offices to find out where you can best serve. You can become a pen pal to a student or read to preschoolers. So many options.

City Transportation System

Dan has found that there is a need to assist first time bus riders. Many people need help navigating the bus routes, and if you know the ropes you can help.

Food Bank

Believe it or not, food banks need help in ways that are not all lifitng and sorting. They send out mailings and do fundraisers, so they have many sit-down opportunities for seniors.

Political Headquarters and Voting Polls

From stuffing envelopes to making calls, there is always a need for volunteers at these places.

Additional Locations

The following are a few more places who are always in need of volunteers: Art Museum, Science Center, Churches, Animal Shelter, Meals on Wheels, and Boy and Girl Scouts of America.

This has been a rewarding experience for me to help Dan see potential in his new life. The best part is that I have realized that you can be involved at any age!

If you are feeling a little down and lonely, look out your own front door and voluteer! It will boost your spirits, give you purpose, and help others! There is nothing better than that!

What volunteer opportunities have you or a loved one been involved in within your community?

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Susan lives in Boise, Idaho, and is a self-taught artist and a jack of many artsy trades. She is married to professional artist and has two great teenagers. She has her hand in a lot of pots. She in very involved in her community and church. She loves friends, family, movies, eating out, laughing, and  vacationing to warm destinations! She just started her own blog! Visit


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Susan lives in Boise, Idaho and is a self taught artist and a jack of many artsy trades. She is married to an artist and has two great teenagers. She has her hand in a lot of pots. She in very involved in her community and fundraising for her kids choirs. She loves friends, family, movies, pj's, laughing, and ART! She just started her own blog: visit [email protected]

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