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It is easier now than ever before to find and follow an artist. My husband,Geoff Krueger, is an artist and has found that his interaction with clients over the last 10 years has grown tremendously because of the internet. People can now find him, and that has been amazing! To get an email from someone half way around the world and have them say that they follow his work fuels him for weeks! If they are interested in buying a painting, all the better! Recently we started an online business called Daily Dose of Painting where Geoff shares a little painting that he does each day with his online following. Many artists are catching on, as it is great to have this kind of exposure. So here are a few ways that anyone can use to follow someone's art.

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1. When you see something you like jot down the name of the artist. There is usually a signature on the piece. Then later look them up on the internet. Most artists have websites now, so it is fairly easy to find people. Don't be afraid to contact them and let them know you like what they do. If you would like to know more about pricing, don't be shy, just ask.


Pinterest-Logo-Vector-by-Jon-Bennallick-022. Use sites like Pinterest or Etsy. Pinterest has changed the face of visual finding! I go everywhere within Pinterest and look at the art that others are pinning and I have found some incredible artists that I would never have known about otherwise. And the great part is you can save them to a board and link to their sites any time you would like.


3. To find local artists you can check your town's website and look for their Art Commission. They will feature things that are happening such as Art Fairs or First Thursdays, and often they will showcase artists. Also your local college/university will have a website that will keep you up to date on shows and happenings within their art department. These are really great to go to. Every artist, no matter where they are in their career, likes to be supported.



Sloane Merrill Gallery 4. There are always the tried and true art galleries. Some people are intimidated by galleries and feel that if they go in they have to be interested in buying. Not true. Art is an education and gallery dealers are great educators. They are going to be able to tell you about the inspiration of the artist and back history that you would not know from just looking at a piece.

These are just a few of the many ways you can connect with the wonderful people that spend their every waking hour thinking and creating art. And the pieces you collect become far more meaningful when you invest in getting to know the artist on some level. I know my husband loves it when people come by the studio and talk art. So start looking around, and follow someone!

This is a three week series- Last week I wrote about Relationships- I Married and Artist. Next week I will show you interesting ways to display artwork.

Photos courtesy of Geoff Krueger, Flickr, Sloane Merrill GalleryFlickr, and Pinterest

What interesting ways have led you to find an artist's work?

Susan Krueger Susan lives in Boise, Idaho, and is a self-taught artist and a jack of many artsy trades. She is married to a professional artist and has two great teenagers. She is very involved in her community and church. She loves friends, family, movies, eating out, laughing, and vacationing in warm destinations! She manages her husbands where they post a small painting almost every day!@dailypainting
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Susan lives in Boise, Idaho and is a self taught artist and a jack of many artsy trades. She is married to an artist and has two great teenagers. She has her hand in a lot of pots. She in very involved in her community and fundraising for her kids choirs. She loves friends, family, movies, pj's, laughing, and ART! She just started her own blog: visit [email protected]

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