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A quilt made by someone you love is a piece that you hold on to for a life time. I STILL have my quilt that my Great Gramma made me when I was a little girl {my quilts}. Quilts can be one's most prized possessions in one's life, even for guys! {they might not admit it, but it's true!}

I made our oldest son a quilt when he moved in to his boy bed 4 years ago. But, our youngest has never had his own quilt made by his mama! Shame on me! You know how life can be with more than one child in the home!  B.U.S.Y. - E.R.

BUT, this was the game changer! Our youngest was to have his OWN quilt! He's almost 5, but, hey, better late than never is what I say, right!?

riley blake quilt

I used the Butterfly Kisses pattern by Simplify and the Peak Hour fabric line, both from Riley Blake.

Here's a little video of it...

There was a whole lot of fabric going through my machine! I pieced it, pressed it, sandwiched it, pinned it, and free motion quilted this wonderful quilt for my little boy.

mom it forward

It turned out just as imagined! The Peak Hour fabric line fits this quilt perfectly!

riley blake fabric

riley blake fabric

The Butterfly Kisses quilt pattern is really easy to follow! It's a perfect beginner quilter pattern, or a quick quilt to put together for a gift.

Here's a close up of the free motion quilting. So, I'm not a perfectionist. That's the beauty of free motion, in my opinion. If you haven't tried it on your machine yet and have the capabilities, you should really just go for it. Let loose. Just play, there's no right or wrong. Free motion quilting can be abstract or it can be perfect. It's what YOU make of it. {I like abstract}

riley blake quilt

Please forgive the Instagram photo, but this is a precious moment of a son and his dad exploring his quilt for the first time. He's looking at all the trucks, signs, and colors. I think he liked it! {SCORE!}

riley blake quilt

What fun projects have you made for your kids?

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