Disney on Ice: A Night of Pure Family Fun

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So if you've never taken your kids to see a Disney on Ice show, you may want to consider it. It isn't just for little girls, although they certainly enjoy it, and it is a fun way to spend an evening together as a family. Our family—my husband and I and our two sons ages 3 and 9—had the opportunity to see one recently, and it was a very enjoyable evening.

The show is a collection of shortened versions of many Disney films: Finding Nemo, Pocahontas, Mulan, Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, Pinnochio, Lion King, Beauty and the Beast, etc. They're all set to the most popular Disney songs, and performed on ice, of course. What made it fun for my boys was the unique props and cool costumes. Beast's transformation into the prince, for instance, was accomplished without the performer playing him ever fully leaving the stage. The sheer size of the whale from the Pinnochio tale was a feat to behold; it took up half the stage! And the fireworks show at the end produced the desired "ooohs" and "aaahs."

Disney on Ice

I particularly enjoyed a performance of "It's a Small World," because of its beautiful costumes and "floating," lighted hot air balloon. As I typically express my enjoyment of a particular character, song, or scene by singing or speaking along, my recitation aloud of almost every word Dori speaks in the scene from "Finding Nemo" where she chants "just keep swimming, just keep swimming" was apropos, and in fact, I was not the only reciting, nor was I the only person in the crowd singing "Hakuna Matata"—loudly, I might add—from "Lion King." That's what made the show most memorable: the fact that the audience was so enthusiastic, singing along, oohing and aahing at every little opportunity, and clapping boisterously and frequently. This made for a more charged, fun atmosphere, which was something I didn't expect to find on a weeknight.

Disney on Ice

It was also fun, in and of itself, to watch the skating, which was artfully done, even though there were a few minor goof-ups. While the souvenirs and concessions were overpriced, as they typically are at large arenas, it was still a great evening. There are not many nights we devote to just having fun, so when those nights come along, they are treasured.

What is your favorite show to attend with your family?

Disclaimer: Disney on Ice provided me with four free tickets to a performance of the show in Salt Lake City. The opinions expressed herein about the show are purely my own.

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