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DIY Christmas Garland

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I love a good garland!  It's so festive and fun and an easy way to make your home feel more holiday ready. What better than making your own Christmas garland?

We just moved into our new house, which, has a mantle!  So fun!  I've been thinking of ways to make it more cheerful and holiday ready.  But I wanted something really easy.  And something that, when my darling toddler yanks on it, won't hurt him.

DIY Holiday Garland with Christmas ribbons

I decided on a ribbon garland when I ran across this awesome sparkly ribbon at the craft store. Seriously, gold sparkle?  I'm into it.

Use Ribbon to Make Your Own Garland

Supplies for Your DIY Christmas Garland

  • Ribbon in a selection of colors and widths.  We went with silver, gold, and white.
  • Jute Twine.
  • Scissors.
  • Something to wrap your ribbon around so you can snip all the pieces the same length.  I used a large cutting board.  You could also use a box.

DIY Holiday Garland

How to Make Your DIY Christmas Garland Sparkly DIY Garland with tied ribbon

  1. Measure how long you want your garland to be.  I wanted to hang mine on the mantle, so I stretched out my twine and cut to length based on my mantle.
  2. Decide on the length of ribbon.  Do you want them all to be even?  Or some strands longer and some shorter?  Cut accordingly.
  3. Lay your twine flat and start to loop your ribbon through, just like in this tutorial for the DIY tutu.  Note: for your larger width ribbons, don't pull them super tight.  Instead, just loop gently, so they almost look like ties.
  4. Continue looping down the length of the twine.
  5. Hang your completed garland.

Make Your Own Garland with metallic Christmas ribbons

I love how festive this garland turned out!  And I love how it was such an easy project to have Kate make with me.  She helped me decided on the colors, the pattern, and she was able to make the loops through the twine.

Decorate Your Mantle with sparkly Christmas Garland

This type of garland is so easy and transferable, you could make it for any holiday.  Shades of pink and red for Valentines Day.  I can even see this being used for a baby shower or birthday.

Do you like to make your own garland?  What color scheme would you choose?

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