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Get in the picture – a gentle reminder for moms this holiday

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We stand proudly over the meal we took 6 and a half hours to cook, and we watch it disappear in twenty minutes. We step back and admire the beautiful tree we decorated (or watched the kids decorate) and carefully pack it away for next year.

We smile in the corner as the kids open the presents we took hours to choose and wrap. Get in the picture - a gentle reminder for moms this holiday 4a

Usually, we see these moments through the lens of our camera or the screen of our iPhone while we try to capture everything. We stay on the side of the camera that takes the pictures and we rarely hand it off to anyone. This year, will you do something? Will you hand the camera to your spouse or to your oldest or to your favorite aunt?

Get in the picture - a gentle reminder for moms this holiday.

{My aunts and I at Thanksgiving a few years ago}

The older I get, the more thankful I am for the pictures that prove that I did attend the beautiful gathering full of smiling faces. We pour ourselves into these days. We do it happily and gracefully. We handle relatives and extra dishes with ease as the noise of laughter roars in the next room. We pack leftovers and tidy wrapping paper messes while everyone sips on coffee. Those hands that you work so hard with are so lovely. Let them be in the picture.

Get in the picture - a gentle reminder for moms this holiday

Yes, you can stand behind your children if you are more comfortable. Yes, you can run brush your hair if it would make you feel more confident, but please hand over those cameras. Leave a gift for your children for years to come. Let them see the beautiful face that prepared that special day for months before it happened. Let them see the sweet smile that reminds them of their own smile when the glance in the mirror.

Will you promise to be in at least one picture with your kids this year? I'd love to see it!

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