Easter Craft: How to Dress Up Your Easter Baskets

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I am a fan of taking something ordinary and making it extraordinary; that includes Easter baskets. I must say there are so many fun Easter baskets at the stores, but I like to have a unique one of a kind Easter basket. And it only takes a few minutes and a few dollars out of your day. How much better can it get?

How to Dress Up Your Easter Baskets


  • A basket (I got mine from Goodwill)
  • Ribbon
  • Lace
  • Tulle
  • Hot glue gun
  • Scissors


I went to my local Goodwill store and picked up two adorable baskets for around $3 total.  You can also go to a dollar store and get a couple there.

Dressing Up Easter Baskets Craft

Then I gathered up supplies to decorate. I decorated two baskets and used only ribbon, lace, and tulle; I was trying to keep it simple. I also used a hot glue gun to attach the ribbon and scissors to cut. Otherwise that is it. You can use all kinds of items, just dig through your craft bins for scrap fabrics and ribbons or grab a roll of ribbon at the store.

Dressing Up Easter Baskets Craft

After you gather your supplies, get to creating! For the boy version I used the hot glue gun to attach blue ribbon around the outside of the baskets. Then I weaved in the green ribbon and attached with the hot glue gun on the bottom and around the top.

Dressing Up Easter Baskets Craft

For the girl version, I cut strips of tulle, about double the height of the basket, and then double knotted the tulle around the top rim of the basket. The shorter you length of tulle, the fluffier it will be. I also added lace around the handles of both baskets. I attached the lace around the base of the handle with my hot glue gun, then wrapped it around the handle until I reached the other side, cut, and glued.

Dressing Up Easter Baskets Craft

And Voila! Quick, easy, and inexpensive way to take an ordinary basket and turn it into a one of a kind keepsake!

Dressing Up Easter Baskets Craft

What are some simple ways you've personalized holiday decorations?

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