Earth Day Craft: How to Make Recycled Belt Bracelets


Reduce. Reuse. Recycle.

Great words to live by, especially in honor of Earth Day. I am all for taking something old, and turning it into something new! I decided to look around my house for items I no longer use or need and integrate them into an entirely new project. Well luckily for me, I have some old belts laying around and broken jewelry. I turned my belts into a new piece of jewelry! What is even better is that you can get 4-5 different projects from one belt...depending on it's length. And you can custom make the lengths so they fit just right.

How to Make Recycled Belt Bracelets


  • Belt(s)
  • Broken pieces of jewelry (you can purchase some chains and findings, if needed)
  • Twine/Ribbon (optional)
  • Hole punch that can punch through your belts


My first step was to measure my wrist and figure out what length to make the bracelets. I left a little room to connect them with a chain/twine. I then used my hole punch and punched holes on both sides of the belt. Then I took apart my broken jewelry and used the spare pieces to create a chain to connect the black bracelet. I use a little twine on the gold bracelet to add a bohemian feel.

You can also use the buckle portion to create a unique piece of jewelry.

The best thing about these bracelets is that the possibilities are endless, they are easy and quick to make, and provide you with a unique bracelet while reusing something old!

So have fun and try making your own fashion piece!

What crafts do you like to make out of recycled materials?

I am a full time housewife and mother to one boy. My blog is According to Dee, and I share my family photos, crafts, recipes, and freebies. In addition to blogging, I am also a photographer/graphic designer/artist. You can view my photography work at DSisk Photography and my designs at Artied Designs. I am self taught and have always had a natural knack for anything involving creativity and am so happy to share my passion with the world.



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