Where and What to Eat at Universal Orlando’s CityWalk

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Thanks to Family Forward I was able to go to Universal Orlando Resort this past September for a 5-day retreat with 70 families learning skills, experiencing great adventures, and discovering new ways to bond. And is there any better way to bond with family and friends then over a great meal?

Having been to eat at almost every restaurant at Universal Orlando's CityWalk I am here to tell you that there is no shortfall of delicious choices sitting right outside both Universal Orlando's two amazing theme parks - Universal Studios Florida and Universal's Islands of Adventure - at the end of the day when you are ready to eat. Universal CityWalk has a one-of-a-kind collection of themed restaurants for you and your group to choose from. From Italian or Mexican to Burgushi (that's burgers and sushi together) they have everything that you can even imagine. Pick a spot and sit down for an incredible meal while bonding with family and friends over a laugh!

Universal Orlando's CityWalk


Here is a rundown of my 3 favorite places to eat when I visit CityWalk. Each one is unique and delicious in its own right. Can I choose a favorite? Just wait and see!

The Cowfish Sushi Burger Bar


The newest and most unique in my opinion, plus it serves sushi and burgers. Yes, you read that right. Burgers and sushi together. You might be confused but your taste-buds will love it! The Cowfish is the first and only Sushi Burger Bar. They focus on offering both delicious burgers and the best sushi in town. They have signature creations called "Burgushi" which is a combination of burgers and sushi. Some of their items are sushi rolls using burger components and sandwiches using sushi ingredients. The combinations are amazing. Not to mention that the kids menu has the cutest bento boxes around with the BEST mac and cheese this girl has ever tasted. Plus the kids menu is also a really fun lesson in Origami!

Vivo Italian Kitchen


Vivo features a great mix of the old and the new in this classic Italian restaurant. Smells from the fresh baked bread, to the simmering sauces take you into an all senses immersive experience. The Expo kitchen sits right smack in the middle of the restaurant so you can watch the chefs prepare handmade pasta, homemade mozzarella, and fresh made to order pizzas while you eat. The food is exactly how you would imagine your Italian Grandmother would make it... only better! In Italy, meals are rarely served without wine. At Vivo Italian Kitchen you’ll find a variety of wines to choose from, along with a selection of unique, Italian inspired cocktails. I tried both the Parmigiano (breaded chicken, marinara, mozzarella, and capellini) and the Lasagna (with a creamy white sauce). I honestly can't tell you which was my favorite as I still compare everything I eat to both dishes!

Antojitos Authentic Mexican Food


"There’s been a terrible misconception in America when it comes to “Mexican” food. At Antojitos, you won’t find piles of bland refried beans, chewy rice, and the same three ingredients wrapped in different types of tortillas." (Universal Orlando CityWalk site) A truer statement has never been made. The food at Antojitos is exactly what you are going to get if you are in Mexico City. From the steaming hot FRESH MADE tortillas to the fresh vegetables, and delicious meat, your dinner will be prepared from scratch when it is ordered. You will find all of your old favorite Mexican dishes along with some you may never have seen before. If I had to choose one restaurant to go to over and over again at Universal Orlando's CityWalk it would have to be Antojitos. I am not sure that I will ever get enough of their table side made house guacamole. I could probably eat it every day for the rest of my life.

Universal Orlando is all about fun, rides, and excitement. Just don't forget to eat along the way!

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