Encouraging Active Play: 10 Ways to Get Your Child Moving

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Active play is defined as any type of physical activity that children do which involves moderate to high bursts of energy, thereby raising their heart rate. Research shows that encouraging active play in children helps boost mental development and resistance to infections, among other benefits. Below are 10 ways of engaging your kids in active play.

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Ideas for Encouraging Active Play

1. Walk Outside

Begin at an early age by taking your child on stroller walks. This helps them to appreciate and look forward to being outdoors. As you walk, remember to point out sights and make observations. This can help nurture your child's curiosity. Talk about the physical activity by saying things like, "Wow! Mom is walking really fast." Or, "Oh my! Can you smell the freshness of the air?" This helps a child learn to appreciate nature, and thus ready to walk for a longer duration.

2. Base Movements on Playing

This involves encouraging your child to make movements which are based on playing even before he is able to move things. You can help him wave his arm so that he can delight in making a rattle shake or bell ring. This gives the baby sensory experience as he moves.

3. Encourage Movement

This is based on how you handle your baby as you go about your own daily activities. Subconsciously, while folding laundry or writing a report, you may be restricting your child's movement by holding her. Simple things like putting her on a jumper instead of a stationary chair while you are busy with your tasks can be beneficial. This may help her appreciate movement as a positive experience. Kids generally like moving, thus be sure not to hinder their positive movement.

4. Create a Safe and Friendly Playing Environment

Ensure that sharp objects are not around as kids play. If a child is hurt while playing he may learn to associate the discomfort or pain with playing. To avoid this, put safety first. Cover sharp corners on furniture or doors, and cover hard flooring with soft mats or carpet to make the playing space more comfortable.

5. Get Musical

Active play becomes more enjoyable if combined with music. Kids are usually attuned to rhythms. These rhythms teach how to associate with motion, for example, by helping them stomp their feet, clap hands, or reach low or high as they move with the beat. Use their favorite songs to do these activities.

6.  Participate in Toddler's Games

It's more exciting to your child when you join in her games. Kids may find movement and playing complex at the beginning, but the presence of a grown up can make playing more fun and protect the child from taking risky actions.

7. Take Classes Based on Play and Movement

If you have access to places meant for kids to dance, tumble, swim, or do yoga classes it's good to take advantage of these areas. This helps him understand that physical exercise is of great worth. These places may also have training professionals who will teach him how to do the activities.

8. Reward Movement

This may be through tickles, cheers, and high-fives whenever she plays or is active. Enjoy a glass of lemonade with your child after a game. This makes her feel appreciated for what she did.

9. Create Active Family Rituals

This can be through family walks in summer or after dinner around the neighborhood. This helps your child appreciate the real worth of active play. You can organize games after every walk. This may involve chasing each other around.

10. Take Art Outside

This may involve sending kids out for a nature scavenger hunt to pick leaves, cones, or sticks. As they do so they will fully exercise their brains and have healthy physical activity.

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How do you make sure your child is getting enough playtime in their day?

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