FaceBook: 5 Ways to Make Your Pages More “Like”able

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For my business, I review and help create Twitter Profiles, Blogs, and FaceBook Pages. I have noticed some recurring themes when looking at FaceBook business pages. There are some tweaks many pages could make to be more user friendly, make better connections, and make themselves more "like"able.

5 Ways to Improve Your Business's Facebook Page

  1. Post daily. Daily interaction on FaceBook is so important. Social Media is about making connections, building relationships, and sharing. Share something each day with your FaceBook community. Tell us what is new or interesting about your business. Do you have a new product or service? Did you recently attend a conference to further your learning and education or were you a speaker?Also, share information that is not about you or your business but is of interest to your community. Always keep their perspective in mind. If you have a community of moms think about if there is a helpful article you could share. Do you have a helpful tip? Can you get a conversation started about a topic like: Do you use a family calendar? Do you give your kids an allowance? Do your children have daily chores?
  2. Respond to comments. When members of your FaceBook community respond to your posts by making comments, you need to respond to those comments. It is not about putting a post up and hoping someone comments and that's it. It is a conversation. Be sure to respond to all comments made on your wall. It shows that you are interested and engaged with what THEY have to say.
  3. Promote other pages. If you find something interesting on FaceBook you can share this by copying and pasting the post on your wall and tagging the page it came from. If you just click on the "share" option it will share the post with your personal profile page wall not your business page wall. So, literally copy and paste the post onto your business page wall and be sure to reference and tag where that post came from. *fyi you tag posts by typing in the "@" symbol and then start typing in the person's name or business page name until it comes up in a select menu. Select the correct option and it will tag your post with a hotlink directly to that person's page. Note: you must either be friends with the person or "like" the business to be able to tag them.FaceBook's genesis was a photo sharing website for college students.
  4. Add photos. Not only is FaceBook great with photos, FaceBook loves photos and people love photos. Adding photos makes you multi-dimensional and can share in a way that words can't. You can share photos of your office, your staff, attending conferences, new products, pictures of your customers, etc. *Bonus: be sure to use the comment section for each photo to tell us more about it and you can even include a link to more information about that photo.
  5. Set your page to "Wall" view. Many pages I look at have their "wall view" set at showing only their posts on their wall. At first this may seem like the right idea, but it I am here to tell you it is not the right thing to do. You need to show "all posts" by everyone. A page is missing so much by not allowing other people's posts on their wall to be displayed as a default. If you hop over to Starbucks' wall page - imagine how boring it would be if it only had posts by the Starbucks company instead of these great posts and interaction from their fans.
    To help you change your Wall Settings for your FaceBook Business Pages. Here's the step-by-step:
  • Click on "Edit Page" underneath your FB Page Profile Picture.
  • Go to top option "Manage Permissions" and click.
  • Go down to the 4th option "Wall Tab Shows" and click on the down arrow button to see your options.
  • Options that will present are "All Posts" or "Only Posts by Page."
  • Click on "All Posts."
  • Click on blue button "Save Changes."

FaceBook is a wonderful thing for people personally and for their businesses. Remember the people behind the connections and share and connect with them. Speaking of sharing, share your favorite FaceBook tips to make you more likeable.

MELISSA LIERMAN loves Social Media and travels across the United States and Canada speaking and training on Social Media. She specializes in doing workshops on Social Media for Business. The online world is constantly changing and growing and Melissa has found it to be THE single most powerful and wonderful place for making friends, meeting moms, and connecting with clients all over the world! Melissa is a night owl and you can often find her tweeting on twitter late into the night - send her a tweet and say hello http://www.twitter.com/TimeOutMom.

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