Fall Craft: How To Make Easy Pumpkin Treat Bags


What is your favorite fall craft project? During this time of the year, it's fun to get crafty and creative with festive decor throughout your home. One of my favorite craft projects to make are these super easy pumpkin treat bags. This is such a great craft because it’s suitable for both Halloween and Thanksgiving. Here’s how to make treat bags that look like they were just picked from the pumpkin patch.

Pumpkin treat bags

Pumpkin Treat Bags


  • 1 or 2 large sheets of orange crepe or tissue paper
  • 1.5” square of green crepe or tissue paper
  • Treats/candy
  • Clear tape
  • 4 inches of green ribbon


1. Cut one 8” square from the orange tissue paper. Cut another square at least 2” larger (12” square) than the first.

2. Pour about half a small palmful of candy/treats into the smaller orange square. Bunch the square up so it makes a roughly circular shape.

3. Tape around the treat-filled tissue paper to make a nice, rounded shape. It should already be beginning to look like a pumpkin. Don’t worry too much about any odd creases. This sheet doesn’t show and is more for shape than for display. When the bag is taped, it should be roughly a pumpkin or apple shape.

4. Place the taped bag on top of the larger sheet of orange tissue paper. Begin gathering this sheet completely around the inner treat bag. Gently squeeze the bag until the treats inside have shifted into a nice, rounded shape. Twist at the top to hold the bag closed.

5. Cut off the top of this twist so you have about ¼” or so of cut-off twist left (you don’t need to be too exact with this measurement; it’s about to be covered).

6. Take your green crepe paper square and place it over the end of your twist. Now twist the green paper so it covers the entire orange twist. Pinch into place.

7. Wrap your length of green ribbon around the base of the twist, which is now a pumpkin stem. Gently split each of the two ribbon ends so you have four thin ribbons. If you lose one, that’s fine. These will be the pumpkin tendrils and aren’t supposed to be exact.

8. Run the edge of a pair of scissors slowly along each ribbon strand, going over for the first, under for the second, then over, then under so your curly-qs are natural looking. You’re done!

Crafting Tips

  • Your crepe paper measurements can be smaller or larger than the instructions state depending upon how many treats you want to put in the bag. Make sure one square is at least 2” smaller than the other.
  • You can make a brown stem instead of a green one if you would like. Or, layer two small squares—one green and one brown—before you make the stem twist. This creates a very cool effect.
  • This is a great project for kids, but use a heavier paper than tissue or crepe. Enthusiastic little hands could easily poke holes in tissue paper.
  • You will probably need less candy than you think. Place a little at a time and pull together loosely to gauge the size, then add more if you would like.

Have fun with this great fall activity. The cute little pumpkins are perfect for a party. They’re also great for trick-or-treating if you would like to do something special. Or, have your child help make these as place markers for the Thanksgiving table. My kids love this craft and so will your kids.

What craft project will you be creating this fall?

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