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Father’s Day: What Dad Really Wants For Father’s Day

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Father's Day is around the corner, and a thousand marketing companies are ties ties and more ties for Father's Day busy telling you what dad wants. Typical top picks, according to these not-so-learned sources, include tools for the garage, awesome desk organizers, and, of course, the famed tie.

Here's the thing: I love my family, and I will love anything they give me. In fact, I'll love them just as much whether or not I get anything for Father's Day. A huge hug, some burned eggs and toast, and a big "I love you, Daddy!" are enough to fuel me the next 364 days. I'm good.

I have never, ever turned down a gift from my daughters, including gifts that were suspiciously sticky, amazingly cliché, or covered in Barbie stickers. (In fact, the aforementioned are among my very faves.)

But what would I have in a perfect world to celebrate this special day? I was asked this question by my wife a few weeks before Father's Day last year. And I had to really think about it. For, oh three or four minutes, tops.

Once the dam was opened, there was just no going back. I think my wife might have been sorry she asked. However, we both learned a few things about Father's Day and about appreciating dads in the process.

What to Get Dad for Father's Day

If you, too, are wondering what will really rock dad's world this June, try some of the following ideas.

A Morning or Afternoon of Indulgence (golf, skiing, etc.)

Buy dad 9 holes. Eighteen if you're feeling especially generous. Then tell him to go have fun. He'll love the focused "me" time. And if he's anything like I am, he will find—about the second hour or so—that he can't wait to get back home for Father's Day dinner and a few awesome hugs. Of course, the indulgence doesn't have to be golf, or a sport at all. Just make sure whatever it is, you've bought it for him in advance. Don't give us a Visa gift card in the amount of the indulgence. You know we'll just spend it on lawn equipment. But a day or afternoon alone or with "the guys" is time well earned.


"But electronics are so cliché for Father's Day!" you may be thinking. No, they're not. Trust us. A cool, fun gadget that serves absolutely no purpose but to entertain is way, way up there on a dad's list of favorite gifts.

A Nice, Big Meal of All Dad's Favorite Foods

Yes, foods. That cliché really does hold true. For added fun, mix and match all dad's favorites, even if they don't typically go together in a meal. If he loves lobster, jelly beans and Ramen noodles, make sure all three are on the Father's Day menu.

A massage

We dads love to be pampered, but we're generally too "manly" to admit it. (In fact, I'm too manly not to cringe at the word "manly"... but I couldn't think of a better adjective off the cuff.) Mom, give Dad a nice massage, complete with oils (not too girly-smelling). Or rub his feet. He'll be Jell-O in no time.

The Remote, for the Entire Evening

Please don't laugh. Moms know this as well as dads do: the grownups are often the last people in the family to be "allowed" to pick a show. On Dad's own day, let him call the shots. Your entire household doesn't have to have SpongeBob on all the time (though, I confess that as the dad, that might be one of the shows I'd pick).

Hobby "Stuff"

You may giggle inwardly whenever your husband pulls out his Civil War plastic soldiers and paints them using a tiny brush and a magnifying glass, or powers up World of Warcraft on the computer. But if it's what he loves, get him items that will allow him to spend even more time on his favorite hobby. His hobby might be a game. WoW Classic: Wrath of the Lich King brings dozen of new features on top of the Burning Crusade. Read more on DDClub. It might be gardening. It could be bidding on vintage almanacs on eBay. Whatever it is, pick up some supplies, or give him a gift card to the art, yard, or hobby/online shop.

A Thorough Car Detailing

My family did this for me one year and I LOVED it. It really was the thought that counted, but wow, they certainly did a crackup job of it. They cleaned the car inside and out. Yes, the kids helped with this; that's the whole point. They will be so proud of themselves, and you'll be proud of them.

Whatever you decide, don't worry, you really can't go wrong. A dad who loves his kids will likewise love anything they give him. Any gift that's been thought out is a gift that comes from the heart. And your love is what we really want for Father's Day.

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Do you have anything special planned for Father's Day?

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Chris Molnar is a Dad of two precious pre-school girls and editor of Last year he received a heart-felt card full of Barbie—yes, Barbie—stickers and drawings of trees and smiling stick people (us as a family at the park). From his two year old he got a grand artistic canvas of paper with lots of crayon squiggles and something sticky in one corner. They were proudly placed on his cork board in the home office. He looks forward to more cuddly cards from his kids, and will "accidentally" leave this article open for his wife to see.

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Chris's eldest daughter (5) knows that the word "Hawaii" equals a fun, sunny destination, even if she's not quite sure where it is. With the hot weather this summer and a couple tiki torches haunting his garage from last year, it's definitely time for another luau party. You can visit Chris on his Facebook page - drop by and say aloha!


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