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Family Night Ideas

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My kids are growing up and it's happening really fast! Through the years people have told my husband and I that our kids will grow up quickly, before you know it they will be driving, the days are long, but he years fly by. When the kids were very young, I had to try very hard not to roll my eyes at the person saying this because all I could think of was speeding up the process a bit. Now my kids are three, five, and seven and my hubby and I find ourselves begging them not to grow another inch taller or get older. There are times when we want to freeze time, and there are times when we don't.

Family Night Ideas

This idea of wanting to freeze time, to let things go in slow motion, to pause to give thanks in all things is part of what set this blog in motion. My family is truly looking to take time to make memories, and as you may have noticed by my posts, we enjoy eating and cooking together! This post is no exception. I come from a big Italian family and the kitchen was where everyone spent all of their time together! 

Check below for ideas to kick start your own family night. 

Family Night Ideas

  1. Make pizza together.
  2. Watch a movie and have special movie snacks.
  3. Play board games, each family member chooses their favorite game and you play one round of each game.
  4. Take a family walk.
  5. Go out for ice cream.
  6. Snuggle together under a blanket and read books.
  7. Create a fancy restaurant for dinner with candle light and soft music, it's a great way to teach good manners and see who can sit still the longest.
  8. Pile into the car and head out for a drive, end up someplace where the kids can get a snack. The car is a great place for conversation and even some quiet relax time, plus there is a treat at the end of the road!
  9. Have a dance party, put on some music and gather all your instruments,dress up clothes and dance to the beat!
  10. Play hide and seek, it's amazing all the great hiding places your home can have!
  11. Get out some coloring books, drawing paper, glue, tape, markers, crayons and if you are feeling brave some glitter and create art projects together!
  12. Each family member gather things from around the house, and together build an obstacle course and then run through it!
  13. Bake cookies, everyone pitches in even if flour flies everywhere and there ends up being lots of sampling along the way!
  14. Free Choice, give your kids the option to choose and come up with a family night idea, even if it means having a video game tournament or a tea party!
  15. Go out to dinner, it can get overwhelming and even expensive but the experience and excitement of eating out makes it worth it...most of the time.

Next week I will be sharing our family recipe for pizza. I hope you will check back with me.

What activities do you enjoy doing with your families? 

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