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We are heading into the store and I see acts of kindness all around. I see a gentleman holding a car door open for a lady, another gentleman holding the store door open to let the someone else enter first, and a gentleman picking up a package an elderly woman dropped. It reminded me that I I am raising a gentleman.

raising a gentleman

As my kids and I approach the building, the door slams in my face. My sweet boy let himself in and let the door close on his sisters and me.

When the girls and I enter the store my sweet boy just looks at me as though to say, "Come on, keep up". I take a deep breath and contemplated how I could explain to him what a gentleman is.

My hubby and I have taught our sweet boy along the way about respecting others and being kind ...being a gentlemen raises the bar and flies in the way of what his generation experiences. I look around me and see that there is not much respect, kindness, and chivalry being dished out among kids his age.

We are on a is starting small..teaching our sweet boy to be a gentlemen with his sister's and with me...and then teaching him to be a gentleman outside of our home and let that become the fabric of who he is.

One of the best tools for this journey is the one of leading by example. As his parents, we play an important role to the success of this journey!

Raising a Gentleman

6 Ways to raise a gentleman

  1. Open the door for ladies. No one likes the door slammed in their face. Go the extra mile and hold the door open for a lady.
  2. Look people in the eye. Looking people in the eye is a form of respect. When you look into their eyes you are saying that you value what they are sharing.
  3. Use your P's & Q's. Saying please and thank you shows that you are polite and respectful.
  4. Help others that are struggling. When you see someone fall, help them up. When you see someone drop something, pick it up. When you see someone sad, cheer them up.
  5. Practice JOY. Pure joy is putting others before yourself.
  6. Practice patience. When others make you mad and upset, use your words and not your hands. Watch the words you speak because they have the power to help or hurt.  

We are in the beginning stages of raising our son. We know that it is through small things, that big things happen. We are already so proud of our sweet boy and how he loves, cares, and protects his sisters.

What are your tips for raising boys?


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